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Penant Traces

1978 Traces

Phils second baseman Chase Utley is among several 2008 World Series participants born when the disco trend was in high gear.
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1979 Traces

Ryan Howard is one of several 2008 postseason heroes who joined the human race in the same year "Alien" was released.
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1980 Traces

The Phillies captured their first World Series title in the same year "The Miracle on Ice" transpired at the Lake Placid Winter Games.
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1981 Traces

Right-hander James Shields and outfielder Carl Crawford were born in the same year "Pac-Man" became an overnight arcade sensation.
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1982 Traces

Phillies reliever J.A. Happ is the lone 2008 World Series participant born in the same year audiences learned to "phone home."
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1983 Traces

Young guns Cole Hamels and Matt Garza are among the 2008 World Series figures who made 1983 a "Thriller" of a year.
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1984 Traces

Tampa Bay's Scott Kazmir and B.J. Upton highlight the blossoming talents who were "Born in the U.S.A." in 1984.
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1985 Traces

In the spirit of "Back to the Future," a visit to 1985 reveals the cultural forces at work in the year Evan Longoria was born.
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