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Larry Doby: Dec. 13, 1923 - June 18, 2003

Larry Doby
Larry Doby was the first black player in the American League and second black manager in the Major Leagues. (AP)

Tribute to a pioneer

Hall of Famer Larry Doby, the American League's first black player, passed away after a long illness. He was 79. Doby was a seven-time All-Star in a 13-year career, almost all of it spent in the outfield for the Indians. Full story >

Larry Doby's Hall of Fame plaque inscription (inducted 1998)

larry doby"Exceptional athletic prowess and a staunch constitution led to a successful playing career after integrating the American League in 1947. A seven-time All-Star who batted .283 with 253 home runs and 970 RBI in 13 Major League seasons. The power-hitting center fielder paced the A.L. in home runs twice and collected 100 RBI five times, while leading the Indians to pennants in 1948 and 1954. Appointed manager of the White Sox in 1978, the second African-American to lead a Major League club. Played four seasons with Newark in the Negro National League. Following player career worked as a scout and Major League Baseball executive."

Career Highlights
  • 7-time All-Star | World Series champion with 1948 Indians
  • First player to go from the Negro Leagues straight to the Majors
  • First black player to hit a home run in the World Series
  • First player to win championships in the Negro Leagues & Majors
  • First black player to win a home run title in the Majors
  • First black player to win an RBI title in the American League
Career totals (1947 - 1959)
1553 1515 253 970 .283
 Complete career stats >