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MLB Official Info

    • Contact Information

    • The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball
      Robert D. Manfred Jr., Commissioner
      Address: 245 Park Avenue, 31st Floor
      City: New York, State: NY Zip Code: 10167
      Phone: 212-931-7800
      Fax: 212-949-5654
    • Donation Requests

      • All requests for support should be on the organization's letterhead and sent to:

        Melanie LeGrande
        VP of Social Responsibility
        Major League Baseball
        Address: 245 Park Avenue
        City: New York, State: NY Zip Code: 10167

        All requests should be sent at least 45 days in advance of date of event.

        No requests will be accepted via e-mail or fax.

    • MLB Photos

    • MLB Photos is the official stock photo agency for Major League Baseball. Its inventory includes photographs of contemporary and historical players, stadiums, World Series games, All-Star Games and anything related to Major League Baseball. Please contact MLB Photos at

    • Player Agent information

    • Contact the MLB Players Association
      Phone: (212) 826-0808
      Fax: (212) 752-4378
    • MLBPA Press Releases
    • MLB Footage Licensing and Ballpark Shoots

    • Contact the MLB Footage Licensing Department for information regarding archival footage and shooting original footage at a ballpark.

      The MLB Library has the greatest source of baseball footage in the world, including game broadcasts, ballpark scenics, interviews, and other specialty shoots.

      If your TV or film project requires original footage, the Footage Licensing Department can guide you through the steps for conducting a ballpark shoot on a gameday or non-gameday at any one of the 30 MLB ballparks. State-of-the-art locker rooms and training facilities, stunning city backgrounds, and the magnificent sight of green grass and detailed diamonds are ideal for filming commercials, television shows, movies, and music videos.

      For information about licensing archival footage or conducting a ballpark shoot, please e-mail the Footage Licensing Department at

    • For Entertainment coverage: