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Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) presented by KPMG

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Jr. RBI presented by KPMG

2010 Jr. RBI presented by KPMG Fact Sheet

Jr. RBI is being offered as a nationwide program for the 2010 season
  • The Jr. RBI presented by KPMG program is designed to create new playing divisions that provide baseball and softball opportunities for children ages 6-12 that also serve as a feeder to the current RBI 13-18 baseball and softball divisions.
  • In 2009, 16 cities served as Jr. RBI Pilot Cities and provided feedback on playing rules, field dimensions, and other participation trends. Jr. RBI is a worldwide program for 2010.
  • There are three recommended divisions of play for Jr. RBI (based on league participation numbers): 6-7, 8-10, and 11-12. Each playing level has its own set of playing rules designed to develop young players.
  • In divisions with players ages 6-10, the emphasis is on teaching the fundamentals of baseball and making it fun. Divisions that include players ages 11-12 can be utilized as an introduction to competitive baseball and softball.
  • Player safety is another priority for Jr. RBI. For baseball programs, playing rules highlight the importance of protecting pitchers' arms; a pitch count is utilized in order to accurately track the stress on young players' developing bodies. For softball programs, playing rules highlight the introduction to the game at the earliest ages.
  • Other key components of Jr. RBI include:
    • 60-foot diamond and 46-foot pitching distance for baseball
    • 60-foot diamond and 35-foot pitching distance (10-and-under)/40-ft pitching distance (12-and-under) for softball
    • Transition from an 11'' (10-and-under) to 12'' (12-and-under) ball for softball
    • Mandatory play
    • All players are assigned to a team
  • Assistance may be provided in the areas of equipment acquisition, training and education clinics and resources, and capital improvement projects.
  • As the presenting sponsor of the RBI program, KPMG provides assistance to Jr. RBI leagues in various forms, including:
    • Providing volunteers to serve as coaches/managers, umpires, scorekeepers, and field crews
    • Developing training materials and resources
    • Assisting in office operations, including fundraising, correspondence, and database maintenance
    • Serving as educational mentors