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D.J. Reyburn

D.J. Reyburn – 70


CAREER: Was appointed to the Major League staff for the 2014 season... worked the 2017 World Baseball Classic...has been an umpire in the Minor Leagues since the 2000 2013, he worked in the Triple-A Pacific Coast League...worked 440 Major League games as a call-up umpire from his debut on June 10, 2008 until his 2014 promotion to the Major League staff...has worked in the Arizona League, Appalachian League, Midwest League, Florida State League, Eastern League, Pacific Coast League and International League.

PERSONAL: Born in October 1976 in Michigan...resides in Tennessee with wife Cherie and three children...graduated in 1999 with a B.A. in Sociology from Hope College, where he played two years of football and four years of baseball...began to love umpiring baseball during high school, when he umpired youth baseball in Lansing, Michigan for summer employment...spent his high school and college summers playing and umpiring baseball and was given the gift of umpire school tuition as a college graduation present from his parents...has one sibling, an older brother named Mike, who graduated from West Point in 1995 and is currently a Colonel in the United States Army.

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