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About Us

Major League Baseball Umpire Camps is a non-profit entity providing world class umpire training with opportunities for attendees to earn scholarships to one of the two professional umpire schools/academies. 100 attendees have earned full scholarships to attend umpire school over the last twelve years. More than 130 MLBUC attendees have been offered jobs umpiring in Minor League Baseball. Many are currently working in pro ball today.

MLBUC offers attendees the opportunity to improve all facets of their work -- e.g., plate work, base work and positioning, rules interpretations, situation management, and Mechanics for the Two-Umpire System, the system worked in the lower Minor Leagues. MLBUC also features "Tips from the Athletic Trainer" to improve your physical well-being and prolong your career, nutritional counseling and safety presentations.

An opportunity to learn with the MLB pros

The Major League Baseball Umpire Camps assists umpires in furthering the advancement of their college, high school, and little league umpire careers. The Camp will also serve as a preparatory course to those considering a career as a Major or Minor League umpire.

Major League Baseball is working along with Major League Baseball's current and former umpires and Minor League Baseball to provide attendees the best umpire training course available.

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Mailing Address:
Major League Baseball Umpire Camps
245 Park Avenue, 34th Floor
New York, NY 10167