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Q. Can I get a professional umpire position after attending MLBUC?
A. No. However, you can earn a scholarship to one of the two umpire schools/academies. Each year over the last three years, eight attendees received full scholarships to attend umpire school in January.

What is my tuition?
A. Option 1 (Double occupancy room) - $1,299
     Option 2 (Single occupancy room) - $1,649
     Option 3 (Commuter/tuition only) - $899

Q. What does my tuition cover?
A. Options 1 & 2 cover room at Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport, manuals, breakfast, lunch, cap, T-shirt and transportation between the Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport and the Urban Youth Academy. Option 3 covers manuals, breakfast and lunch, cap and T-shirt

Q. Why would I attend MLBUC and instead just go directly to umpire school?
A. MLBUC will serve as a preparatory course to the umpire school, you will also learn from the best of the best!

Q. What's provided?
A. We will provide:

  1. A state of the art facility designed with Major League specifications
  2. Seven nights of lodging, which will be home to your classroom sessions
  3. Transportation to/from the Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport Hotel and the Urban Youth Academy
  4. Use of umpire equipment -- shin guards, chest protector, mask, indicator, brush, cap, and ball bag.
  5. Official Baseball Rules, Two-Umpire System Manual, video of your plate work.
  6. Breakfast and lunch
  7. Physical assessment
  8. Never before matched training staff of past Major League umpires, PBUC Supervisors, MLB Evaluators and MLB Supervisors.

Q. What do I need to bring?
A. 1. Enthusiasm
     2. If you do own umpire gear, bring it including plate shoes

Q. Do I need prior umpiring experience?
A. No umpiring experience is necessary.

Q. Will I have a way to purchase supplies and equipment?
A. Yes, MLBUC will have vendors such as Honig's Whistle Stop available at the Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport Hotel.

Q. What do I wear while umpiring at the camp?
A. Umpire uniform shirt and pant.

Q. What is the average temperature in the Long Beach area in November?
A. Average high 73 degrees / Average low 50 degrees

Q. When making my travel plans, for what dates do I make them?
A. Attendees can check in to the Holiday Inn Long Beach on Sunday, Nov. 8, between 3-6 (for 6:30 p.m. meeting) and can check out the morning of Nov. 15.

Q: Is transportation provided between the airport and the hotel?
A. No, but the Holiday Inn Long Beach does provide a free shuttle. From Los Angeles International Airport it is approximately a $50 cab ride to the hotel.

Q: What if I have an existing medical condition such as diabetes or allergies to bee stings? Can I still attend the Camp?
A. Yes you can. You will be asked to fill out a Medical Waiver Form at registration.

Q: If I have special dietary needs, can the Camp accommodate them?
A. Yes we can. Once you have submitted your application and deposit please e-mail us at to alert us to your dietary needs.