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Rick Roder
MLBUC Instructor

Rick graduated from Kansas Newman College in 1986 and attended the Joe Brinkman Umpire School in 1987. His umpiring experience: Pioneer League (1987), Midwest League (1988-1989), Texas League (1990 and 1992), Southern League (1991), Pacific Coast League (1993), International League (1994), and American Association (1995-1996). He instructed at the Brinkman and Brinkman/Froemming schools from 1988 to 1995 and was the primary rules instructor for six of those sessions.

He has authored four books on rules and umpiring, one of them a full-scale re-write of the Official Baseball Rules for use as a classroom textbook, which has become a staple for umpires the world over. He has published scores of educational articles with Referee magazine, and online for the World Umpires Association and Excel Sports Officiating (ESO). He has worked for the MLB Commissioner's Office as a Triple-A umpire evaluator and rules consultant. Earlier this year he was entrusted with the complete overhaul of the index of the Official Baseball Rules.

Roder owns and operates a website dedicated to baseball's rules and is editor for Excel Sports Officiating.

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