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Dick Runchey

Dick Runchey
MLBUC instructor

Director of Umpires International Baseball Federation
Regional Advisor NCAA Umpire Program
Chairman Amateur Baseball Umpires Association (ABUA)

After retiring from the field in 1998 after a 30 year career as an umpire, Dick currently selects, assigns, evaluates, observes, trains and supervises umpires for the International Baseball Federation, is a Regional Advisor for the NCAA Umpire Program and Chairman of the Amateur Baseball Umpires Association.

Dick attended Al Somers Umpire School in 1972, spent three years in the Minor Leagues and then spent 23 years as an umpire in College and International Baseball. Dick worked 5 College World Series, 19 Div I Regionals, 1992 Olympics, 1988 World Championships, 1987 Pan American Games. Dick is in constant demand as a clinician and has taught at umpire camps throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.

Dick is married to Janie, and has three sons. He currently resides in Michigan and Florida.

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