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David Rackley

Minor League Service Time: 7 Years

CAREER: David Rackley is currently working in the International League and just completed his seventh year in professional baseball. He has worked the Arizona (01), Northwest (02), South Atlantic (03), California (04), Texas (05-07), International (07), Florida Instructional (01,03), Arizona Instructional (04 - 05) leagues. During his career, Rackley has worked championship series and all-star games in the South Atlantic(03), California(04), and Texas (06) leagues. He also worked the 2007 Futures Game held in San Francisco, CA. Rackley also is an instructor at the Harry Wendelstedt Umpire School. He joined the staff in 2005.

PERSONAL: Rackley lives in Houston, TX during the off-season.

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