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Youth Baseball Academy

All field instruction for the Major League Baseball Umpire Camps will take place at MLBÂ’s brand new Youth Baseball Academy in Compton, Calif. As part of its Urban Youth Initiative, MLB opened the first-ever Youth Baseball Academy in February 2006. The Academy provides free baseball and softball instruction to Southern California youth, ages 8-17.

Encompassing 10 acres on the campus of Compton Community College, the Urban Youth Baseball Academy features state-of-the-art facilities including a show field; complete with scoreboard, a grandstand that seats nearly 200 fans, dugouts and lights; as well as an auxiliary field; softball field; youth field; and a 12,000 square foot clubhouse consisting of a weight room, locker room, and other training facilities. The complex also features batting cages and pitching mounds.

For more information, visit the Youth Baseball Academy site.