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  Honus Wagner (left) and Cy Young, faced off in the first World Series. (Courtesy Baseball Hall of Fame)
Recalling a century full of
Fall Classic memories

It all began in 1903 with a gentlemen's challenge. Two Major Leagues -- an established one called the "National" and a newcomer called the "American." The owners of Pittsburgh's NL club and Boston's AL club agreed to schedule a series of games to decide true superiority. <full story>
Baseball's world tour a smash
They called it the "World" Series when it all began in 1903, and they could not have chosen a more perfect name. Decade after decade, Major League Baseball has reflected the course of a changing world. <full story>
Finding ways to get there
While you are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the World Series this year, do the same for the Wright Brothers' first flight at Kitty Hawk (left) and the creation of the Ford Motor Company.
<full story>
World Series firsts
From Cy Young's first pitch in 1903 to the first MVP in 1955, Johnny Podres (left), to the first meeting between two Wild Card teams in 2002, the World Series continues to set trends.
<full story>
 Top 20 World Series moments:  <launch gallery>
 Dramatic playoff moments:  <launch gallery>
 Dramatic World Series moments:  <launch gallery>
video  Babe Ruth in the 1918 World Series: 56K | 300K
video  Willie Mays makes "The Catch" in 1954: 56K | 300K
video  Don Larsen's 1956 Perfect Game: 56K | 300K
video  Bill Mazeroski's Game 7 homer in 1960: 56K | 300K
video  The "Miracle" Mets win it all in 1969: 56K | 300K
video  Carlton Fisk keeps it fair in 1975: 56K | 300K
video  Kirk Gibson's dramatic 1988 homer: 56K | 300K
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baseball's best
2002 World Series 2002 World Series
angels vs. giants -- game 6
Down five runs in the seventh inning and with no tomorrow in sight, Anaheim fought back to stun San Francisco, 6-5, and force Game 7.
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1969 World Series 1969 World Series
mets vs. orioles -- game 5
Donn Clendenon and Al Weis each homered to back the five-hit pitching of Jerry Koosman as the "Miracle Mets" won their first-ever World Series.
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1956 World Series 1956 World Series
yankees vs. dodgers -- game 5
The most dominating pitching performance in World Series History. Don Larsen's perfect game.
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