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League Championship Series: video
Astros vs. Cardinals
10/19, GAME 6:  Astros 5, Cardinals 1  Wrap >
Roy Oswalt (Getty) MLB.TV ArchivesCondensed GameHighlight Reel
First St. Louis ... tomorrow the World for Astros
Roy Oswalt was fantastic at Busch Stadium as Houston made an early lead stick to reach its first World Series. Own the game >  
Top plays
• Astros win the NLCS:  56K | 350K
• Lane's solo homer:  56K | 350K
• Biggio singles in a run:  56K | 350K
• Astros strike first:  56K | 350K
• Oswalt's mastery:  56K | 350K
  Bagwell talks to
Longtime Astros first baseman Jeff Bagwell talks about how proud he is of his teammates for their accomplishments.  350K
   Lane talks to
Jason Lane talks about his big solo home run and about catching the final out that put the Astros in the World Series.  350K
Under the Lights 96Under the Lights on the NLCS:
Casey Stern and Jim Leyritz review highlights and analyze the Astros' big win over the Cardinals in Game 6 of the NLCS.  350K
  Berkman talks to
Lance Berkman talks about how the Astros reached their goal of the team's first National League pennant.  350K
More interviews
• McLane talks to  350K
• Oswalt wins NLCS MVP:  56K | 350K
• Under the Lights on Lidge:  350K
• Under the Lights previews the WS:  350K
• Everett talks to  350K
• Garner talks to  350K
• Burke talks to  350K
• Backe talks to  350K
• Garner/Biggio/Oswalt interview:  350K
• wraps up the NLCS:  350K
More Game 6 highlights
• Wheeler closes it out:  56K | 350K
• Oswalt's mastery:  56K | 350K
• Ausmus goes 3-for-4:  56K | 350K
• Everett's diving play:  56K | 350K
• Ensberg's RBI single:  56K | 350K
• Everett's phantom tag:  56K | 350K
• Eckstein's diving play:  56K | 350K
• Everett's squeeze play:  56K | 350K
• Biggio's diving stop:  56K | 350K
• Cards get on the board:  56K | 350K

10/17, GAME 5:  Cardinals 5, Astros 4  Wrap >
Albert Pujols MLB.TV ArchivesCondensed GameHighlight Reel
Pujols to Astros: See you in St. Louis!
Albert Pujols' prodigious three-run homer off Brad Lidge in the ninth kept the Cardinals' World Series hopes alive. Own the game >  
Top plays
• Pujols' three-run homer:  56K | 350K
• Izzy finishes the Astros:  56K | 350K
• Berkman's three-run HR:  56K | 350K
• Cards take the lead:  56K | 350K
• Luna throws out Lamb:  56K | 350K
  Carpenter talks to
Chris Carpenter talks about feeling good and relaxed during his Game 5 start.   56K | 350K
Larry WalkerWalker talks to
Larry Walker talks about staying upbeat, not giving up, and staying even-keeled.  56K | 350K
Brad LidgeLidge talks to
Astros closer Brad Lidge talks about staying positive and moving forward.   56K | 350K wraps up Game 5:'s Brian McRae looks at Game 5 with Astros writer Alyson Footer.  56K | 350K
More Cardinals video
• Mabry talks to  56K | 350K
• Game 5 press conference  350K
• Carpenter fans six:  56K | 350K
• Cards' ninth-inning rally:  56K | 350K
• Cards take the lead:  56K | 350K
• Cards win Game 5:  56K | 350K
• McRae on Stayin' Hot:  56K | 350K
More Astros video
• Lane talks to  56K | 350K
• Ensberg talks to  56K | 350K
• Pettitte fans four:  56K | 350K
• Astros nail Eckstein:  56K | 350K
• Biggio's RBI single:  56K | 350K
• Under the Lights, Oct. 17:  56K | 350K

10/16, GAME 4:  Astros 2, Cardinals 1  Wrap >
Morgan Ensberg MLB.TV ArchivesCondensed GameHighlight Reel
All's well that 'Ens' well: Astros up, 3-1
Morgan Ensberg supplied the go-ahead sacrifice fly and some great defense in the ninth as the Astros took a 3-1 lead in the NLCS. Own the game >  
Top plays
• Astros' game-ending DP:  56K | 350K
• Ensberg cuts down Pujols:  56K | 350K
• Ensberg's go-ahead sac fly:  56K | 350K
• Lane's solo homer:  56K | 350K
• Taveras runs it down:  56K | 350K
Brad LidgeLidge talks to
Houston closer Brad Lidge talks about closing out Game 4 of the NLCS and the Astros' chances to advance.  56K | 350K
Brian McRae and Thomas HardingHarding on Game 4: writer Thomas Harding talks to Brian McRae about the two teams' performances in Game 4 of the NLCS at Minute Maid Park.  56K | 350K
Mike LambLamb talks to
Mike Lamb discusses his performance in Game 4 of the NLCS, along with the Astros' defense.  56K | 350K
Jason LaneLane talks to
Astros right fielder Jason Lane talks about his clutch performance in Game 4 and the big game-ending defensive play.  56K | 350K
More to watch
• Ausmus talks to  56K | 350K
• La Russa ejected:  56K | 350K
• Suppan fans five:  56K | 350K
• Cards get on the board:  56K | 350K
More to watch
• Marquis talks to  56K | 350K
• Edmonds tossed:  56K | 350K
• Backe Ks seven:  56K | 350K

10/15, GAME 3:  Astros 4, Cardinals 3  Wrap >
Jason Lane (Getty) MLB.TV ArchivesCondensed GameHighlight Reel
Astros take trip down victory Lane
Jason Lane broke a tie with a sixth-inning RBI single and later scored an insurance run to power Roger Clemens and the Astros to a 2-1 NLCS lead. Own the game >  
Top plays
• Lamb's two-run homer:  56K | 350K
• Lane's go-ahead single:  56K | 350K
• Luna's diving stop:  56K | 350K
• Everett's stop up the middle:  56K | 350K
• Mabry's RBI double:  56K | 350K
Brad LidgeLidge talks to
Astros closer Brad Lidge talks about preparing for Game 4 of the NLCS against the Cardinals.  350K
Jason LaneLane talks to
Jason Lane talks about his big day in Game 3 of the NLCS against St. Louis at Minute Maid Park.  350K
  Morris talks to
Matt Morris talks about his pitch selection and his trouble with Mike Lamb.  350K wraps up Game 3:'s Brian McRae and Jim Molony break down the Astros' Game 3 win.  350K
More to watch
• Cards tie it up:  56K | 350K
• Cards push across a run:  56K | 350K
• Nunez collides with Lane:  56K | 350K
• NLCS postgame press conferences:  350K
More to watch
• Everett tacks one on:  56K | 350K
• Molina talks to  350K
• Under the Lights:  350K

Oct. 14, off-day
Tony La RussaLa Russa on Game 3:
Tony La Russa talks about Reggie Sanders' status, the Jason Marquis situation, and what changes face the Cardinals in '06.  350K
Roger ClemensClemens on Game 3:
Houston's ace on the NLDS, retirement, and facing the Cards.  350K
Matt MorrisMatt Morris on Game 3:
The Cardinals' Game 3 starter discusses facing off with Roger Clemens, moving into the new Busch Stadium, and more.  350K
  Suppan talks to
Brian McRae interviews Jeff Suppan about the dynamics of Minute Maid Park and his analysis of how Matt Morris will pitch in Game 3.  56K | 350K

10/13, GAME 2:  Astros 4, Cardinals 1  Wrap >
Roy Oswalt (Getty) MLB.TV ArchivesCondensed GameHighlight Reel
Burke, Oswalt help Astros even series
Chris Burke again was a catalyst, and the combination of Roy Oswalt and Brad Lidge helped even the NLCS, 1-1. Own the game >  
Top plays
• Oswalt tosses a gem:  56K | 350K
• Lidge picks up the save:  56K | 350K
• Burke's big game:  56K | 350K
• Edmonds lays out:  56K | 350K
• Lane's nice catch:  56K | 350K wraps up Game 2:'s Brian McRae and John Schlegel give their takes on the Astros' Game 2 win over the Cardinals.  350K
  Burke talks to
Postseason phenom Chris Burke talks about switching positions to get in the lineup.   350K
Brad LidgeLidge talks to
Astros closer Brad Lidge discusses Roy Oswalt's Game 2 performance, and how he can be overlooked in the rotation.  350K
Brad AusmusAusmus talks to
Catcher Brad Ausmus talks about Roy Oswalt's performance in Game 2, and his ability not to get flustered.   350K
More Astros highlights:
• Astros' two-run eighth:  56K | 350K
• Ausmus crosses the plate:  56K | 350K
• Burke scores the first run:  56K | 350K
• Berkman's stop and flip:  56K | 350K
• Postgame press conferences:  350K
More Cardinals highlights:
• Eckstein talks to  350K
• Pujols' solo homer:  56K | 350K
• Sanders' injury:  56K | 350K
• Grudzielanek argues a call:  56K | 350K
• Under the Lights:  350K

10/12, GAME 1:  Cardinals 5, Astros 3  Wrap >
Chris Carpenter MLB.TV ArchivesCondensed GameHighlight Reel
Cardinals waste no time in Game 1
Reggie Sanders' first-inning homer gave Chris Carpenter and the Cardinals a lead they wouldn't relinquish. Own the game >  
Top plays
• Carpenter's mastery:  56K | 350K
• Sanders' two-run homer:  56K | 350K
• Cards' two-run fifth:  56K | 350K
• Nunez nails Ensberg:  56K | 350K
• Sanders' leaping catch:  56K | 350K
  Biggio talks to
Brian McRae talks to Craig Biggio about Chris Carpenter's performance, and his approach towards batting against Mark Mulder in Game 2.   56K | 350K
  Eckstein talks to reporters:
David Eckstein talks about killing rallies with double plays, laying down bunts and the Cardinals' aggressive play.  56K | 350K
   Burke talks to
Brian McRae talks to Chris Burke about his two-run home run, and the Astros' missed opportunities in Game 1.  56K | 350K
  McRae talks to Bloom:
Brian McRae talks to national reporter Barry M. Bloom about Andy Pettitte's pregame injury, and the Cardinals' early dominance.   56K | 350K
More Cardinals' video
• Postgame press conferences:  350K
• Carpenter's squeeze play:  56K | 350K
• Cards turn two:  56K | 350K
More Astros' video
• Burke's two-run homer:  56K | 350K
• Lamb starts a double play:  56K | 350K
• Ausmus' sacrifice fly:  56K | 350K

10/11: OFF-DAY
Matthew LeachMatthew Leach on the NLCS:
Brian McRae talks to writer Matthew Leach about this year's rematch of last year's classic NLCS.  56K | 350K
More to watch
• Garner on his team's chances:  56K | 350K
• Morgan Ensberg on the NLCS:  56K | 350K
• Stayin' Hot previews Game 1:  56K | 350K
More to watch
• Adam Everett on the Astros' season:  56K | 350K
• Dusty Baker previews the series:  56K | 350K
• Dean on Stayin' Hot:  56K | 350K

 NLDS wrap:'s Brian McRae breaks down the Cardinals' three-game sweep of the Padres.  350K
Houston Astros
• Burke's game-winner:   56K | 350K
• Clemens wins in relief:  56K | 350K
• Ensberg's big game:  56K | 350K
• wraps up HOU-ATL:   350K
• Complete NLDS highlights >
• How the Astros got here:  350K
St. Louis Cardinals
• Cards celebrate in the clubhouse:  350K
• La Russa on the series win:  350K
• Sanders' record hit:  56K | 350K
• wraps up SD-STL:   350K
• Complete NLDS highlights >
• How the Cardinals got here:  350K

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