Saturday, October 30, 2010

Posted 10/30/10 at 10:50 PM

They said it: Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber sound off on Rangers' win

To quote Justin Bieber, never say never.

Kelly Clarkson: Are you freakin kidding me?!!!!! GO RANGERS!!!!!! I'm just sayin' I might be a good luck charm!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I was just at the first win of the Texas Ranger's in a World Series!!!! EVER!!!!!!!

Justin Bieber: Texas is showing some heart right now.

Jason Grilli: Electric atmosphere at WS in Arlington. Making for a good series. Fired up to be a day closer to experiencing that again.

Hunter Pence: Woot Rangers! I like a good series.

Bryan Petersen: Good - this is gonna make for a better series

Joel Sherman: Odds of Molina BBing twice, Guerrero and Francoeur once in same gm seemed as likely as The Situation becoming President

Jay Crawford: josh hamilton = sweetest swing in baseball today!

Robert Flores: #Rangers P Colby Lewis going as Cliff Lee for Halloween.

Justin Stangel: Just got Fox back on my Cablevision. No one told me Yankees didn't make the World Series

MLB PR: Josh Hamilton just asked if @justinbieber was actually going to be here, he wanted to meet him. Had to burst his bubble.

Big League Stew: Judging from the size of the Texas flag in the outfield, the pregame ceremonies may involve secession from the Union.

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Here's native Texan Kelly Clarkson belting out the National Anthem

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Nationals catcher catches Rangers' first pitch

It was an honor for longtime Rangers backstop Pudge Rodriguez to catch the ceremonial first pitch from Nolan Ryan before Game 3.

But there’s one question that we’re all dying to know:

How does Ryan’s heater compare to that of Stephen Strasburg?

Perhaps more importantly -- how does the Ryan Express compare to this powerhouse?

Yeah, everyone loves Major League.

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Cast of Raising Hope helps raise hope for Rangers

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Babe Laufenberg enlightens us to rivalries, moose

Former NFL quarterback Babe Laufenberg knows a little something about the long-standing rivalries between Texas and Bay Area teams.

So what does this have to do with the World Series? Well, not much.

But the Babe is credited with giving former Cowboys fullback Darryl Johnston the nickname “Moose,” because he looked like a moose in a herd of deer.

And do you know what the plural of moose is? That’s right. Moosen!

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Kelly Clarkson is gonna dirty those jeans sliding into home plate

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Steve Miller is anything but stuck in the middle about baseball

Rock icon Steve Miller’s favorite baseball memory?

That’s easy. He still gets some jungle love when thinking about a 46-year-old Nolan Ryan taking a charging Robin Ventura -- 20 years younger! -- in a headlock and pummeling him six times.

“I like mean pitchers,” he said.

Well, that’s that.

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Ohhh, that is SO not healthy!

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Tony Clark excited for Rangers; Rangers fans more excited for Rangers

Tony Clark never made it to the Fall Classic, but he’s still ecstatic for the cities of San Francisco and Arlington.

And the atmosphere in Texas, even two-plus hours before first pitch, is insane.

Let’s just keep it to awesome signs and not go overboard with pork chops.

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You can check 'World Series appearance' off Ross the Intern's to-do list

When Ross the Intern headed out to the World Series for The Tonight Show, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect.

No, not from the players. We weren’t sure how Ross himself would react.

As it turns out, playing in the Fall Classic was a lifetime dream of his as well, so he was ecstatic to hang around and meet the Texas Rangers.

Also among Ross’ sporting fantasies: sudden death dodgeball vs. White Goodman, playing jiggly ball with Dr. Jan I. Tor and setting up Greg Focker for a wicked spike.

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Contact Nadia Dajani for all your terminology needs

Nadia Dajani knows a little something something about baseball.

She also knows a little something something about the entertainment business.

And wouldn’t you know it, some words carry different meanings across the two mediums.

A grand slam is universally awesome, though. Especially this.

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As Rangers' success grows, so does their fan base

Football will always be king in Texas.

Jerry Jones knows that -- that’s why he was able to construct a tiny little teepee for his Cowboys to play in.

But broadcaster Tom Grieve believes that the Rangers’ fandom will steadily increase if they keep doing what th… Hey! Did you know their mascot is a horse? Awesome!

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Dan Patrick's Halloween expert is not who you may think

Kevin Millar probably gives away apples at the door.

Dan Patrick brought Kevin Millar on his radio show to ask a very important question.

When are you too old to go trick-or-treating?

A self-proclaimed idiot, Millar knew the exact answer -- 61. After all, former teammate Johnny Damon dressed up as a caveman for months.

Millar’s costume of choice? We’re guessing this isn’t too far down on his list.

They also talked all things Fall Classic, but let’s not lose sight of what’s important. Check it.

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Jay Leno is amused by the Giants' World Series eruptions

Jay Leno: The People's Champ

David Letterman wasn’t the only one to get in on the World Series jokes late Friday night.

Jay Leno kicked off his monologue with some Rangers/Giants banter. Check it out.

Leno fired off a couple of good ones, but in the end, his approach was more of a letdown than Fruit Stripe gum.


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Trick or treat? Dave sheds the Yankees in a frightening light


Three days into the World Series, and the Yankees parodies are still going strong after the Rangers knocked them out of the postseason.

David Letterman got in on the act continued his jesting in a timely manner, dropping a Halloween line comparing them to the cross-town Mets (Check it out at the one-minute mark).

But that’s not completely fair. The Bombers and Amazin’s are two vastly different clubs.

The Yankees’ emblem has withstood the test of time. The Mets ripped off Dominos.

The Yankees welcome esteemed guests with helicopter landings. The Mets have the