2016 Postseason Picture

MLB's 10-team postseason field includes two Wild Card clubs meeting in a one-game playoff in each league (Oct. 4 and 5) for the right to compete in the best-of-five Division Series (2-2-1 format). The League Championship Series and World Series are best-of-seven series (2-3-2 format).

Cubs have clinched NL home field.

Nationals have clinched NL East.

Dodgers have clinched NL West.

Rangers have clinched AL West.

Indians have clinched AL Central.

Red Sox have clinched AL East.

Blue Jays and Orioles are tied for top AL Wild Card spot; Blue Jays own head-to-head tiebreaker.

The bracket below shows what the MLB postseason bracket would be if the regular season ended as of

Clubs that have officially clinched a postseason berth: BOS, TEX, WAS, CHC, LAD, CLE.