When you purchase a ticket and elect to use the Tickets@HomeSM + Works with Passbook method of delivery, the following special terms and conditions apply:

1. In order to receive a ticket through Passbook, the purchaser must have the appropriate hardware. The Apple Passbook feature is currently supported on Apple iOS6 or later versions. Please access this feature from a Safari browser on a device that is running Apple iOS6 or later versions.

2. The purchaser acknowledges that other charges may be assessed by their wireless carrier for the delivery of the email message to their mobile handset.

3. The purchaser understands that the ticket is in the form of a unique barcode that is added to Passbook to their mobile handset.

4. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring that their mobile handset has adequate available memory to receive the requested ticket(s).

5. The purchaser is responsible for saving the ticket to Passbook on their mobile handset and producing it at the stadium to evidence a right of entry.

6. The purchaser understands that each ticket purchased on a single order will be sent as a separate ticket, e.g., if you purchase 3 tickets you will receive 3 separate tickets. Each ticket will need to be saved and produced at the stadium to evidence entry.

7. The purchaser acknowledges that the barcode and accompanying text contained within the message body shall not be altered in any way. Alteration or modification of the tickets will invalidate the barcode without the right for a refund.

8. When you purchase your Passbook ticket, you will also be sent an email with a link to a duplicate Tickets@Home ticket. This ticket may be printed out and presented at the stadium instead of the Passbook ticket. Your Tickets@Home ticket should only be used if your mobile phone is lost; damaged; or you otherwise delete the text message containing your ticket. The purchaser understands that both ticket forms contain the same barcode number. That number is only valid for a single entry.

9. Tickets.com acknowledges that the purchaser's mobile phone number is confidential. Accordingly, Tickets.com agrees not to disclose the purchaser's mobile phone number with any third party for any purpose.