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Date Transaction
2/27/01 Signed catcher Jason LaRue and pitchers Jim Brower and Seth Etherton to one-year contracts.
2/26/01 Aaron Boone: Signed infielder Aaron Boone to a one-year contract.
2/25/01 Signed outfielder Michael Coleman and pitcher John Riedling to one-year contracts.
2/24/01 Signed to 1-year contracts LHP Clayton Andrews, LHP Ed Yarnall and IF Gookie Dawkins.
2/22/01 Signed pitcher Brian Reith, infielder Brandon Larson and outfielders Jackson Melian and Brady Clark to one-year contracts.
2/21/01 Signed pitchers Scott Williamson, Leo Estrella and Keith Glauber and Donnie Sadler to one-year contracts. The Reds won the Osvaldo Fernandez arbitration hearing.
2/19/01 Signed OF Deion Sanders to a minor league contract with an invitation to Major League spring training camp.
2/14/01 signed 2B Pokey Reese to a 1-year contract, avoiding arbitration; the club won RHP Danny Graves' arbitration hearing.
  Signed second baseman Pokey Reese to a one-year contract. The Reds won the Danny Graves arbitration hearing.
2/8/01 Signed outfielder Dmitri Young to a one-year contract. Sean Casey won his arbitration hearing
2/6/01 signed RHP Scott Sullivan to a 3-year contract, plus a club option for 2004, avoiding arbitration.