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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order Major League Baseball Productions home videos?
Visit's DVD shop, Major League Baseball clubhouse stores, or retailers where DVDs and home videos are sold for a wide selection of baseball products.
How can I buy copies of Major League Baseball games?
Many classic Major League Baseball games are now available as part of Major League Baseball Productions collector's edition DVD sets. also offers full games, condensed games and classic games as part of its Digital Download Service. Please visit for more information.
Where can I see Major League Baseball Productions programs on television?
Major League Baseball Productions produces programming for numerous broadcast and cable networks, including ESPN, FOX, MLB Network, Showtime and YES Network, as well as many other regional sports and general programming networks.
I attended a game this year and would like a copy, how can I obtain one?
Many games are available to view through a subscription to MLB.TV. Please visit the MLB.TV page and page for more information.
How can I find out more about historical baseball footage?
If you are interested in historical baseball footage please visit the official page of the Major League Baseball archives and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
May I use Major League Baseball footage I already have?
You must contact the Library Licensing department of Major League Baseball Properties before using footage for any reason. All Major League Baseball footage is owned by Major League Baseball and cannot be used without a license from Major League Baseball Properties. For more information on licensing opportunities please visit our stock footage licensing page.
Does Major League Baseball Productions produce games for television or radio?
Major League Baseball Productions does not produce games for television or radio, but does control all copyrights to game broadcasts.
How do I contact Major League Baseball Productions regarding employment or internships?
Contact the recruiting office of Major League Baseball at (212) 931-7800 for information regarding employment opportunities or internships.

I'm a retailer/wholesaler, how do I carry Major League Baseball Productions DVDs and home videos?
Major League Baseball Productions Blu-ray, DVD and other home videos are licensed for distribution to A&E Home Entertainment and are marketed and distributed in the United States by Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Please log on to to learn more about selling Major League Baseball Productions Blu-ray, DVD and other home videos.
How do I hire Major League Baseball Productions for my programming or facility needs?
Please contact Major League Baseball Productions' programming department at (201) 751-8500 for more information.
How do I obtain Major League Baseball footage?
All uses of Major League Baseball footage must be licensed. For more information, please visit our stock licensing page.
How to I obtain approval to shoot my film during a Major League Baseball game?
Any footage shot at a Major League Baseball ballpark on the day of a game requires a license from Major League Baseball Properties. For more information on licensing opportunities, please visit our stock licensing page.
I have Major League Baseball footage that I believe to be rare, who do I contact?
As the official archivists of Major League Baseball, we are always interested in preserving unseen content for future generations of baseball fans. If you have footage you believe to be rare, please contact