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This Week in Baseball 2007
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Television's favorite Saturday-afternoon series, This Week in Baseball presented by Pepsi, concludes its 2007 campaign with a long look at the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, in the midst of clinching the American League West title.

TWIB takes you inside the organization, profiling owner Arte Moreno and manager Mike Scioscia in addition to stars like Howard Kendrick and Vladimir Guerrero. Meanwhile Pepsi Presents the clutch performance of the 1949-53 New York Yankees, winners of a record five straight World Series championships.

 SEPT 15, 2007   Latin players do it with style
• Latin players bring passion to the game: 400K
• Top 5 Latin leaders: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Performers Big Papi and Mo: 400K
• Front-Row Fan Amaury Nolasco: 400K

 SEPT 8, 2007   Mariners set a course for the playoffs
• Ichiro is tops, but Felix is King: 400K
• Top 5 things you didn't know: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Performer for August: 400K
• Front-Row Fan Chef Robert Irvine: 400K

 SEPT. 1, 2007   Giving Back
• What players do off the field: 400K
• Top 5 moments when baseball reached out: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Performers: 400K
• Vote for the Roberto Clemente Award: 400K

 AUG. 25, 2007   Indians keep on charging
• Hail to Victor...and Grady: 400K
• Top 5 things you didn't know: 400K
• All-Time Clutch Performer Bob Feller: 400K
• Front-Row Fan Dane Cook: 400K

 AUG. 18, 2007   Our young fans take center stage
• Anthony Burruto, not your typical All-Star: 400K
• Orioles superfan Ray Daugherty: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Performers: 400K
• MLB players in High School Musical 2: 400K

 AUG. 11, 2007   Tom Glavine's Road to 300
• On the doorstep: 400K
• Glavine's Top 5 Greatest Moments: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Performer Aramis Ramirez: 400K
• Front-Row Fan Kevin James: 400K

 AUG. 4, 2007   The Kids are All Right
• Top players under 24: 400K
• Top 5 Greatest Phenoms in History: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Performers for July: 400K
• Front-Row Fan Matt Damon: 400K

 JULY 28, 2007   New Hall of Famers Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr.
• A tribute to a pair of icons: 400K
• Top 5 things you didn't know about Cal and Tony: 400K
• Tony and Cal's Clutch Performances: 400K
• Front-Row Fan Edward Norton: 400K

 JULY 21, 2007   TWIB A's Style
• Nick Swisher keeps the A's swingin': 400K
• Top 5 things you didn't know about the A's: 400K
• Pepsi Presents the Pitch, Hit & Run Finals: 400K
• Front-Row Fans at the Hall of Fame Game: 400K

 JULY 14, 2007   TWIB at the All-Star Game
• Having a ball by the Bay: 400K
• Top 5 All-Star moments: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Perfomer for June: 400K
• Front-Row Fan Paul Simon on his hero, Mickey Mantle: 400K

 JULY 7, 2007   Craig Biggio's 3000th hit and more
• Biggio joins exclusive club: 400K
• Biggio's Top 5 memorable moments: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Perfomers: 400K
• Front-Row Fans Melee: 400K

 JUNE 30, 2007   Big Papi and the Joy of Boston
• Papi provides power, but pitching prevails: 400K
• Top 5 things you didn't know: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Perfomance -- Ted Williams: 400K
• Front-Row Fan Paul Simon: 400K

 JUNE 16, 2007   TWIB Goes to the Draft
• On the clock with the Brewers: 400K
• Top 5 Draft steals: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Perfomers -- First-round Draft picks: 400K
• Front-Row Fan Tom Cavanagh: 400K

 MAY 26, 2007   Diamondbacks sport a brand-new look
• New colors, new D-Backs: 400K
• Top 5 things you didn't know about the Diamondbacks: 400K
• Pepsi Presents Eric Chavez taking some fans voting: 400K
• Front-Row Fan Alyssa Milano: 400K

 MAY 19, 2007   Japan comes to America and America visits Japan
• Dice-K paints Boston red: 400K
• Top 5 things you didn't know about Japanese baseball: 400K
• Pepsi's new commercial with Johnny Damon and Joe Mauer: 400K
• Front-Row Fan Gary Cole: 400K

 MAY 12, 2007   With the Giles Brothers in San Diego
• The old and the new: 400K
• Top 5 Things You Didn't Know: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Performer -- Alex Rodriguez: 400K
• Front-Row Mo Vaughn on wearing No.42 400K

 MAY 5, 2007   The Blooper Edition
• Some player favorites: 400K
• Top 5 TWIB Bloopers: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Performer candidates: 400K
• Front-Row Fan David Koechner: 400K

 APR. 28, 2007   Playing Young and Loose in Tampa Bay
• A look at the Devil Rays: 400K
• Building a solid young core: 400K
• Pitch, Hit and Run with the D-Backs: 400K
• Front-Row Fan Bernie Mac on playing with pride 400K

 APR. 21, 2007   A Look at the Dodgers
• A look at the Dodgers: 400K
• The day No. 42 was retired: 400K
• Players of the Week Tim Hudson and Ian Kinsler: 400K
• Clutch: Dodgers hit 4 homers in a row 400K
• Front-Row Fan Terrence Howard thanks Jackie Robinson: 400K

 APR. 14, 2007   Jackie Robinson Special
• Jackie Robinson Tribute: 400K
• Robinson's impact on civil rights movement: 400K
• Clutch: 400K
• The Natural: 400K

 APR. 07, 2007   Season Premiere
• Intro / Spring Training: 400K
• Top 5 The Natural: 400K
• Clutch: 400K
• The Sklar Brothers: 400K

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