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This Week in Baseball

Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers. (AP)
'Best of' TWIB
This Week in Baseball, presented by Aquafina, concludes with a look at the best of This Week in Baseball for 2008.
Chris Cornell and the song Scream is featured How 'Bout That!
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"You Could Look It Up"
James Potocki
TWIB Lead Producer
Behind the TWIB Notes
Jeff Scott
Senior Writer
Roger Schlueter
House Historian


SEPTEMBER 20, 2008
Yankee Stadium

• Stadium History: 400K
• Stadium Magic: 400K
• Perfect Games: 400K
• Chevy presents Baseball Is... Yankee Stadium: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring Hollywood Undead: 400K

AUGUST 30, 2008
Young Phenoms

• Young hitting and pitching talent: 400K
• Pitching phenoms: 400K
• Hitting phenoms: 400K
• Classic phenoms: 400K
• Chevy presents Baseball Is... : 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring Metallica: 400K

AUGUST 23, 2008

• Brewers talk improvement: 400K
• 2008 USA Olympic team: 400K
• A look at the 1982 Brewers: 400K
• Brewers renew interest: 400K
• Chevy presents Baseball Is... Ben Sheets, Team USA: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring REM: 400K

AUGUST 16, 2008
Take Me Out to the Ballgame: 100 years

• Take Me Out: Ballplayers: 400K
• Take Me Out: Music Historians: 400K
• Take Me Out: A discussion of Harry Caray: 400K
• Take Me Out: Tom Arnold: 400K
• Chevy presents Baseball Is...: 400K
• Plays of the week: 400K

AUGUST 9, 2008
Baseball is Everywhere

• Billy Lee pitches in the Alaska Goldpanners' Midnight Game: 400K
• Josh Robbins visits all 30 Major League Ballparks: 400K
• Chevy presents Baseball Is... Kurt Suzuki at home: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Player of the Month: 400K
• Plays of the week: 400K

AUGUST 2, 2008
Baltimore Orioles

• Orioles Clubhouse Fun: 400K
• 25th Anniversary of 1983 Orioles Championship: 400K
• Orioles record "Orioles Magic" music video: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch nominees for July: 400K
• Gillette Rookie of the Month nominees: 400K
• How 'Bout That: 400K
• Call of the Week: Ramon Vazquez's walk-off double: 400K

JULY 26, 2008
Hall of Fame Inductions

• A career profile of Gossage: 400K
• In Padres' dugout during 1984 World Series vs. Tigers: 400K
• Rev Theory on baseball: 400K
• How 'Bout That: 400K
• Past Hall Inductees: 400K
• TWIB tours Hall of Fame in Cooperstown: 400K

JULY 19, 2008
All-Star Game

• Josh Hamilton puts on a show during the 2008 Home Run Derby: 400K
• All-Star Game: Present and former Major Leaguers loosen up: 400K
• Aquafina Make Your Body Happy: 24 "Pitch Hit & Run" finalists: 400K
• Matt LaPorta at the All-Star Futures Game: 400K
• Castle Hill Little League field: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring 3 Doors Down: 400K
• Bon Jovi in Central Park: 400K

JULY 12, 2008
Tampa Bay Devil Rays

• New look, new outcome for Rays: 400K
• Rays shine in the clutch: 400K
• All-Star Preview: 400K
• A day with the Rays: 400K
• How 'Bout That: 400K

JULY 5, 2008
Fourth of July

• Pepsi Clutch Nominees for June: 400K
• Animals and Rain on the Field: 400K
• Baseball Is... sponsored by Chevrolet: Lou Gehrig remembered: 400K
• Favorite Bloopers: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring Eric Hutchinson: 400K

JUNE 28, 2008
Los Angeles Dodgers

• Go inside the LA Dodgers: 400K
• LA Dodgers historic championships: 400K
• Aquafina Make Your Body Happy: Vin Scully: 400K
• Baseball Is... sponsored by Chevrolet: Big Red celeb memories: 400K
• The Baseball Project sings: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring The Baseball Project: 400K

JUNE 21, 2008
Arizona Diamondbacks

• An inside look at the Diamondbacks: 400K
• Randy Johnson is an asset to the D-backs: 400K
• Aquafina Make Your Body Happy: Trace Adkins sings for D-back fans: 400K
• D-backs joking with each other: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring Trace Adkins: 400K

JUNE 14, 2008
MLB Draft

• Recap of the 2008 MLB Draft: 400K
• Negro League alum honored at the draft: 400K
• Clint Eastwood's baseball involvement: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Performer May Winner: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring Rev Theory: 400K

JUNE 7, 2008
Atlanta Braves

• Atlanta Braves talk about their victories and defeats: 400K
• Big 3 on the Braves: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch Performer May Nominees: 400K
• Baseball Is... sponsored by Chevrolet: Punch Brother Thile on Cubs: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring Disturbed: 400K

MAY 31, 2008
TWIB Looks Back

• Yankee fan in space: 400K
• Daisuke Matsuzaka: 400K
• Negro Leagues Museum: 400K
• Roberto Clemente: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring Foxboro Hottubs: 400K
• Gillette "cover all your bases"

MAY 24, 2008
"Off the Field" Features

• Wiffle heaven: 400K
• Piazza retires to become a cook: 400K
• Young fan Ray Daugherty shows his knowledge of baseball: 400K
• Little League player with artificial legs: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring the Punch Brothers: 400K

MAY 17, 2008
Baseball Brothers

• Brothers on Phillies: 400K
• Brothers on Braves: 400K
• Brothers on Brewers: 400K
• Upton brothers in golf tournament: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring Mudcrutch: 400K

MAY 10, 2008
Kansas City Royals

• KC Royals: 400K
• Brian Bannister: 400K
• Baseball Is... sponsored by Chevrolet: Beating the Yankees: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch: April winner: 400K
• How 'Bout That, with Brian Bannister and featuring Tokio Hotel: 400K

MAY 3, 2008
Chicago Cubs

• Chicago Cubs: 400K
• Cubs curse, featuring Frank Sinatra: 400K
• Baseball Is... sponsored by Chevrolet: Wrigley Field: 400K
• TWIB Notes: Triples: 400K
• Pepsi Clutch nominees: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring Fall Out Boy: 400K

APRIL 26, 2008
Colorado Rockies

• Ryan Spilborghs on the 2007 Rockies: 400K
• Rockies' Famous Humidor of Coors Field: 400K
• TWIB Notes: 22 inning game between SD and COL: 400K
• Aquafina Make Your Body Happy: Rockies Run to Playoffs: 400K
• Baseball Is... sponsored by Chevrolet: Jackie Chan: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring Linkin Park: 400K

APRIL 19, 2008
The Global Game

• MLB in China: Dodgers vs. Padres: 400K
• Orlando Cabrera returns to Colombia: 400K
• TWIB Notes: Marlins 400K
• Aquafina Make Your Body Happy: Love of the Game: 400K
• Baseball Is... sponsored by Chevrolet: Yankees vs. VA Tech: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring Avenged Sevenfold: 400K

APRIL 12, 2008

• Phillies and Jimmy Rollins: 400K
• Kendrick and Victorino cribs house tour: 400K
• TWIB Notes: Upton, Weeks, and Bobby Cox records: 400K
• Aquafina presents: Pitch, Hit & Run - Oakland A's: 400K
• Baseball Is... sponsored by Chevrolet: Leatherheads: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring the Black Keys: 400K

APRIL 5, 2008
Opening Day

• Opening Series in Japan: Red Sox vs. A's: 400K
• Opening day in NY, Chi, Was, and Zimmerman: 400K
• TWIB Notes: Walk-offs in ballpark debut: 400K
• Pepsi presents: 2007 clutch review: 400K
• Baseball Is... sponsored by Chevrolet: Kevin Costner rocks Rays fans: 400K
• How 'Bout That, featuring R.E.M.: 400K

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