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06/26/2002 2:15 pm ET users remember Kile users shared their memories and remembrances of Darryl Kile, who passed away last Saturday in Chicago.

I would like to talk to you as an international baseball fan from Australia. I have followed Darryl since I first noticed him in 1994 as I share his name. It was he who turned me into a baseball fan and I share his love for the game. I never knew him and he never knew how much joy he brought me following his career. Baseball will never feel the same for me, racing home to the net to see every result of the games he pitched in. I wish your young family all the best and my heart is with you. Every 5th day you brought me so much pleasure and introduced me to the great game of Baseball, God bless you.
Peter Kile

As a baseball fan it is hard to picture the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball team going through anything more terrible than the loss of the great Jack Buck, followed by the untimely departure of one of baseball's brightest and best pitching stars, D.K. #57. I watched D.K. grow up in baseball first in Houston, where I live, then following one of my favorite Astros' career with the Rockies, and then the move I always wanted him to make, the move to St.Louis. D.K. had one of the best 12-to-6 curveballs I had ever seen and the no-hitter against the Mets was one of my biggest thrills I have ever witnessed in Baseball. D.K., you were always one of the best and may God Bless Your family, friends teammates and all of your loved ones, and I pray that God has blessed you. I'll miss you every 5th day forever.

I'm sorry to say that I never had the pleasure of meeting Darryl Kile, but I feel as though have. It's very obvious that he touched many lives in a special way. I did see him pitch last year and it was a beautiful thing to watch. There was something about his presence, his confidence. I just knew we were going to win, and we did. My heart, prayers, thoughts and love go out to Flynn Kile and the Kile family. None of us can possibly feel the loss you must be feeling, but believe me when I say all of St. Louis and Major League Baseball will miss him. Not just as an athlete, but as a man. We are honored to have had him in our city and in our lives.
Katie Coyle

My name is Jeff Adissi, I am 28 and live in California, an Astro fan since I was 6. I will never forget graduating high school and receiving a gift from my Dad. My hero's were Nolan Ryan, Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Ken Caminiti and Darryl Kile. In 1993 we flew to Houston to watch Kile pitch against the Phillies. I remember Kile was overpowering, and won the game 10-1. I returned to California made the Saddleback JC Baseball team as a pitcher, and wore the # 57 through the fall league. The following year I was able to meet him in San Diego before the Astros played the Padres. I told him the quick story, and he smiled at me shook my hand and told me thanks. I was trying to tell him thanks. Today I have D.K. written in silver on my Astro hat. He was able to touch my life in a special way, I will never forget and I live in California.
Jeff Adissi

On the way to church Saturday evening, my husband was telling our 9-year-old son, Kyle and myself about the tragic death of Darryl Kile. Our son asked many questions. Then he said, "Can someone die that quickly of a heartache?" He had recently read "Where the Red Fern Grows," a touching story of friendship and heartache. Our son explained to us he felt Darryl Kile died of a heartache, he missed Jack Buck. We all know Darryl and Jack are in a better place. We hope they are together. We loved them both.
Julie Hutson

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet DK when he was a rookie for the Houston Astros. It was at the annual AstroFest right before Spring Training. No one was in his line so my friend and I went over and talked with him for a while. He was immediately gracious and kind. We were able to build a friendship over his years at the Astros and talked to him regularly after games. He ALWAYS took the time to talk with us and we were so grateful. I have kept up with him through his career and have talked with him many times on his trips back to Houston and I can honestly say he didn't change one bit from the time I met him during his rookie year as an Astro. I was in Chicago this past weekend and actually ran into Kile at Harry Caray's Friday night and in traditional Kile form, he asked me how long I was going to have to wait and the wait was about two hours. He went up to the hostess and put us on the rush list and shortened our wait to 15 minutes. It was so nice of him to do that. Then after dinner he came over and asked us how we liked Chicago and talked for a couple of more minutes and we all joked about knowing each other for 12 years. My heart goes out to the Kile family. Baseball has lost a wonderful wonderful man -- a man I'll never forget for his kindness.
Allison Wollam

Darryl Kile was a great pitcher in the game of baseball. He was truly blessed with an awesome talent. He will never be forgotten in the minds of baseball players all over the country, and my prayers and blessings go out to his family. A great man and a team leader, Darryl Kile just seems like the type of guy you just want to go up to and hug. I wish his family well, and hope that they are able to go through this horrible situation and continue on with their lives, the way Darryl would want them to.
John Fournier

My knowledge of Darryl Kile is that of an excellent baseball pitcher, friend and family man. I have followed the St. Louis Cardinals for almost 40 of my 49 years. I enjoy watching and listening to each and every Cardinal broadcast that I can. In the three years that Darryl was with St. Louis, he was the starter that I followed the most. His leadership, skill and love of baseball will be missed by the baseball world. His love and strength will be missed by his family, friends and fellow teammates. This is one St. Louis Cardinal and all-around baseball fan that will feel the loss of Darryl Kile very much.
Cynthia Blansett

To the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kile family: My name is Daniel Green and I am sportswriter in Leesville, La. My six-year-old son and I saw Darryl Kile play the first weekend of this season in a game against the Astros in Houston. I was impressed with how well he played and the determination that he showed while on the hill. I kept showing my young son how determined Mr. Kile was and telling him that was how he needed to play. I know that Mr. Kile has three children, two of which are about my son's age. When my son Bobby heard that Mr. Kile died, my son wanted me to write a letter to send to the Kile family to say that he was sorry for their loss. He also wanted to send his deepest thoughts to the Cardinals. I hope that you can forward this to the Cardinals and the Kile family. I would also like to extend my deepest sympathies as well. God Bless You.
Daniel Green and Bobby Green

Growing up in Tampa, Florida I was never a big baseball fan. Since we only had Spring Training, the game never really caught my interest. After moving to St. Louis in 1996, I tried to jump on the baseball bandwagon and just never really got hooked. That was until August of 1999 when I was fortunate enough to be sitting behind the Cardinals dugout at a game. I had my then 11-month-old son with me and was eagerly trying to get one of the players to throw him a ball. After trying with frustration for several innings I had given up. Then, after coming in from the field, Darryl Kile pointed at my son and threw a ball to me for him. That moment changed my feelings about baseball - and mostly Darryl Kile forever. I didn't even know who he was at the time, but at that moment he became my favorite player. I became more interested in the sport and his career and was very appreciative of him making what was probably an small gesture on his part to make my night. I will cherish telling my son (now almost three) about that night as he grows up. My heart goes out to the Kile family.
Mary Keathley

I'm a Cardinals fan and I don't know what to say without sounding corny or stupid. I was very excited when Darryl was traded to the Cardinals two years ago. I was hoping that we could have signed him two years previous when he was a free agent, but it wasn't to be. I always had a good feeling when Darryl went out to pitch, like we were going to win every game he started. He always seem to give his best every time out. I'm going to miss number 57 going out to pitch every 5th day. This is going to take a long time to get over. Personally, a little part of me is gone. As an extended member of the Kile family, I would like to express my gratitude to the media, fans, and the players who have taken great lengths in supporting Flynn and the kids. To us, he was Darryl the cousin, grandson, nephew, dad, son, and friend. He was the kindest, funniest, and loyal person anyone could have in his/her family. He will deeply be missed by all of us. God Bless you Darryl and watch over us. We love you!!
Kristi Larrimore

I met Darryl last year during the Cardinals Winter Warm Up in St. Louis. I walked up to the table to get his autograph. He smiled at me and asked me how I was doing. I told him I was fine and I asked him if I could get my picture taken with him. He looked at me and jokingly said, "No" to me. I said okay and he smiled and laughed and said, "Of course you can have your picture taken with me." I was so nervous about meeting him because he was my favorite Cardinals pitcher and he made me feel special with those few moments I had talking to him. He was a great guy and will be truly missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
Jenny DeBolt

I have been a Cards fan my entire life. I have followed the players and respected what they do for a living. I just wanted to thank DK's family - wife and children for sharing Darryl with the city of St. Louis, for us to enjoying watching and knowing such a wonderful player and man. My heart goes out to you, and to the entire Cardinal team. And to let the team know that the fans are with them, and will stand with them through this terrible tragedy.
Bonnie Geisen

I am a huge Cardinals fan and at the age of 21, I can't believe what is going on. I am a female who loved going to Cardinal games. I will always remember going with my mom and seeing #57 if not on the mound he was at the top of the dugout watching the action. I always called him, "Trouble" even though he was always looking for fun. You always seen a smile on his face and a baseball in his hand. Darryl put the curve in CURVEBALL!!! I never got the chance to meet Darryl, but like Jack Buck, when you are in Cardinal Country he is part of our family and I am deeply saddened by the loss. I send my thoughts and prayers out to his family and the rest of the Cardinals. We all lost a friend and a GREAT PLAYER!!!!! Darryl you will always be in our hearts and forever a Cardinal GREAT. Thanks for the MEMORIES, and hey, keep Jack company. As many people have said now heaven has two Cardinal greats in Jack and DK so GO CRAZY HEAVEN GO CRAZY!!!!!!!!
Cori Epperson

While I never had a personal conversation with Darryl Kile, he set a tremendous example for me. Darryl Kile demonstrated the importance of relationships and the sharing of your experience with others. He used his time well, pouring his life into other people and using his post in life as an opportunity to reach those that he might not have otherwise reached. Darryl Kile donated funds to help revitalize the south St. Louis park where I played softball in high school. It is a beautiful place that has actually brought the neighborhood back to life. How amazing is it that in losing his own life he has still given life to so many others. The last couple of years, I have had the opportunity to watch Darryl from a fairly unique perspective. I am a singer who has been invited to sing the National Anthem at a few games. As I would stand on the field prior to game time, the players filed into their dugouts and prepared to do their jobs. Darryl was always talking to someone else, sharing with someone else. He always had his arm around someone or was laughing and joking with them. And there were times when I would see him sitting and talking quietly with someone. Obviously his teammates and former teammates can speak more to what exactly he would say but from the outside looking in. From my point of view, he was saying simply that he cared. What a great example.

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