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NL East contenders react to deal
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06/27/2002 11:20 pm ET 
NL East contenders react to deal

Braves outfielder Andruw Jones
"I think it's a good deal. They think they're in a pennant race. They're right behind us. Colon is a great pitcher. We've seen him, I think, like 15 times since we started playing Spring Training games in Orlando. It's going to be interesting. They've got a good team. He can make them better. There's no doubt about that."

Braves outfielder Chipper Jones
"I don't know what Montreal's situation is. They've always had good young talent. Bartolo Colon is an ace. He's the type of guy that can make a staff great. They've already got a good one. We've got them in our rear view mirror. We've just got to keep taking care of ourselves."

Mets (and former Indians) second baseman Roberto Alomar
"Colon is going to improve their pitching, that's for sure," said Roberto Alomar, who played for three seasons in Cleveland before getting traded to New York in December. "It's not surprising. they said they were going to trade away all their players who make money, so it's not surprising."

Mets manager Bobby Valentine
"Interesting. I always thought the Expos were serious contenders anyway. Lee has been tough on us but I'm sure Colon will be real tough on us, too. He's a real good pitcher."

Marlins pitcher Ryan Dempster
"I don't care what team you are. You can have the worst record in baseball and if you add Bartolo Colon, you are a lot better team."

Marlins manager Jeff Torborg
"He's a tough pitcher, boy. Maybe that's what we need. It will keep (the Expos) closer, and maybe it gives us a chance until we get full strength. We've got to continue digging and playing. We've got to continue trying to do our thing."

Marlins outfielder Kevin Millar
"Obviously, Bartolo Colon makes an impact in the National League East. He definitely is an impact player who helps the Expos."

MLB reporters Mark Bowman, Kevin T. Czerwinski and Joe Frisaro contributed these comments. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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