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Division Series
10/02/2002 00:49 am ET rates the performances
The best and worst of Game 1: Angels at Yankees
By Ken Gurnick /

The Angels get their hearts broken like this every 16 years or so. They battled back repeatedly, led with two out and none on in the bottom of the eighth inning, and the Yankees scored four times before the inning was over. New York has still got it.


One cab: Gridlock, 102-degrees in the city, no AC, missing window crank
Two cabs: Your driver takes "the scenic route"
Three cabs: Clean backseat, no accidents
Four cabs: Green lights, little traffic, life is good
Five cabs: VIP, police escort

Jason Giambi: Giambi did everything he was supposed to do during the regular season. Of course, with the Yankees, his work was only half over. Could he do it in October? Looks like it. Reggie no doubt was proud of the way Giambi broke the 1-1 tie with a two-run homer in the fourth inning. And he made up for that double-play grounder on a 3-0 pitch in the sixth inning with the game-tying single in the eighth.

Derek Jeter: Jeter didn't have his best season this year, but he was just saving it for when it counts most. He set the tone with a solo homer that gave the Yankees a first-inning run. He led off the fourth with a walk that was followed by Giambi's homer. He led off the sixth with a single and walked again in the game-winning eighth-inning rally. What do you expect from a former World Series MVP?

Bernie Williams: Williams is second all-time in postseason RBIs and he his 17 postseason home runs are tied for third all-time, so was anybody really surprised he won this game with a three-run homer in the Yankees' last at-bat?

Roger Clemens: If Jarrod Washburn's October inexperience explains his troubles, what's Clemens' excuse. The Yankees gave him three leads and he gave them right back. OK, so cut him some slack for being 40, but geez, blowing three leads? In October? At home, where he was 9-1 this year? Clemens was 27-8 lifetime against the Angels. But these aren't the same Angels. And it's not the same Clemens.


One monkey: You've come down with the ebola virus
Two monkeys: You're stuck working for a non-union organ grinder
Three monkeys: Zoo life. Plenty of bananas, not much excitement
Four monkeys: More fun than a barrel of ... well, you know
Five monkeys: Thump that chest, you're king of the jungle

Troy Glaus: Glaus hit 30 homers and it was considered an "off-year," but that will all change if he hits another 30 in the postseason and he's just about on that kind of pace. He did it to Clemens and he did it to Ramiro Mendoza. He did it defensively too, involved in two of the Angels' four double. Not a bad game.

Garret Anderson: Anderson's manager calls him baseball's best-kept secret because clutch hits like the game-tying double off Clemens in the fifth are routine. Down in the count 1-2 and knowing Clemens was working him away, he flicked a liner down the left-field line for a two-run double on a pitch about four inches outside. It didn't look as impressive as Giambi's homer, but it counted the same.

Jarrod Washburn: Washburn allowed one home run in September and he matched that by the second batter he faced in October. Then it got worse. Every time his teammates tied the game, he put them back behind. Jeter, whack. Giambi, whack. White, whack. Washburn hadn't allowed three home runs in a game all year until this game.

Angels bullpen: What happened here? These guys were supposed to be the best in the league. Ben Weber was one strike away from a 1-2-3 eighth inning, then he couldn't throw one strike. And Scott Schoeneweis got a grounder from Giambi off Spiezio's glove. But Brendan Donnelly instead of Troy Percival, who didn't even get in the game?

Ken Gurnick is a reporter for This story was not subject to approval by Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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