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Giambi wins with lucky pants
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Division Series
10/02/2002 01:45 am ET 
Giambi wins with lucky pants
By Ian Browne /

Jason Giambi plays first base throughout the entire game with a large hole in his pants. (David Bergman/
NEW YORK -- Jason Giambi is no slob. He's just superstitious. So forgive the man for playing the last eight innings of Tuesday night's dramatic Division Series opener against the Angels with a rip in the upper portion of his left pant leg.

Before the night was over, the slugging first baseman clubbed a two-run homer and a game-tying RBI single that made the Yankees' 8-5 victory over the Angels possible.

But in the bottom of the first inning, there was the slide that caused the rip. Trying to break up a double play, Giambi slid so hard into second base that he caused his pants to tear.

Surely, the Yankees could have given him a fresh pair. It's just that Giambi didn't want any. It's against his rules.

"I've always been like that," said Giambi. "It drives Mr. Steinbrenner crazy. I just have always done that, I wear the same pair of pants all year. They're patched up pretty good right now."

He promised he at least wouldn't have the rip in Game 2, despite the luck it gave him in Game 1.

"They'll get sewed," said Giambi. "As soon as I take them off tonight."

Why so obsessive about not changing them during the game?

"I don't know," Giambi said. "it's just that consistency, my routine, things like that. So I wear them the whole game."

At least on this night, the ripped pants proved to be his lucky pants.

Ian Browne is a reporter for He can be reached at This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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