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A's drum corps keeps the beat
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Division Series
10/02/2002 4:51 pm ET 
A's drum corps keeps the beat
By Kent Schacht /

The A's drummers have attended nearly every home game this season. (Kent Schacht/
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Never has the statement "quality not quantity" been more apt than when describing the faithful that don the green and gold in Oakland.

Although the crowds at Network Associates Coliseum are not regularly among the largest in the league, they are among the loudest, and certainly most-crazed.

Just ask the guys who hear it from the field everyday.

"I'm not concerned with the number, because they're loud," said third baseman Eric Chavez. "It doesn't matter how many people are here. They're always loud."

The epicenter of the crazed A's nation is in the left-field bleachers at the 'Net. In a scene straight out of a European soccer match, this section is jammed with a flag-waving, drum-playing crew of die-hards.

The beat for the section, and the entire stadium, is provided by the "drummers," a group of guys that attend every A's with their percussion pounding.

Brothers Josh and Ben Rosenberg, along with friend Julio Palacios, all from Oakland, form the core of the corps, each attending nearly every home A's game this season.

They have a set play list depending on who's at the plate and what the situation is. Most familiar and persistent throughout most games is "Let's go Oakland" and "Tejada," which is played to the same beat as the Chuck Rio's famous song, "Tequila."

Another favorite, which they won't be playing the rest of the playoffs is the "Olmedo Saenz soccer chant." Saenz ruptured his Achilles tendon in Tuesday's game and is out for the playoffs, something that was topic No. 1 before Wednesday's game.

Going to almost 82 games in a season takes up much of these guys' time, but when not drumming at the 'Net, they stay busy playing together in a band, "Friday Night." And yes, they play other instruments besides percussion.

Before the 2001 season, they also parlayed their fandom into 15 minutes of fame -- or at least 30 seconds -- appearing in an A's commercial. "It was embarrassing," said Ben Rosenberg, who also plays drums for the crew's band. "They got way too close up on my face."

Back to The trio said the best part of every game is the family-like atmosphere that has come to be in the section. "It's the same people every game," said Josh Rosenberg. "Coming out here and being with the same people makes it a lot more enjoyable."

Kent Schacht is an editorial producer for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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