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Game 2 game balls for Twins, A's
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Division Series
10/02/2002 11:22 pm ET 
Game 2 game balls for Twins, A's
By Todd Lorenz / is awarding "game balls" -- or in this case Twinkies, as the lads from Minnesota are often referred, and Rollie Fingers, in honor of the A's swaggering, mustached forefathers -- for performances in this year's Division Series. Here's how you score it. Four Twinkies or Rollies and we might just see you in the World Series. If you get three, keep it up, the ALCS is not far away. Only two means your days in the postseason just might be numbered. One, you ask? Well, let's just say we're wondering how you got here.


Kyle Lohse:  Wasn't thrilled about being left out of the playoff rotation and now we know why. His two scorless innings looked a heck of a lot better than Mays' 3 2/3.

Tom Prince:  Nothing would have been better than a meaningless home run in the bottom of the ninth from the guy who's waited longer than any active player to get an October at-bat. But in Casey-like fashion, he struck out. Add a Twinkie for going down swinging.

Joe Mays:  He looked as bad on the mound in his first playoff appearance as his teammates looked in the field during Game 1. The difference was that he never got over his jitters.


Mark Mulder:  Six innings, five hits, one run. A's need a stopper, he stopped 'em. See you in Game 5? The Twins don't want any part of that.

David Justice:  Baseball's version of "The chicken or the egg." Do teams make the playoffs every year because they have him, or does he make the playoffs every year because he's on the right team?

Eric Chavez:  A barehanded play to throw out the lightning-fast Cristian Guzman in the top of the first, then a three-run bomb in the bottom half. This guy had four Rollies before the game was two innings old.

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