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Division Series
10/06/2002 9:39 pm ET rates the performances
By Todd Lorenz / is awarding "game balls" -- or, in this case, Twinkies, as the lads from Minnesota are often referred, and Rollie Fingers, in honor of the A's swaggering, mustached forefathers -- for performances in this year's Division Series. Here's how you score it. Four Twinkies or Rollies and you did your part to get the club to the World Series. If you get three, keep it up, you're looking good. Only two means you could've done better, but it's not like you blew the series. One, you ask? Well, let's just say we're wondering how you got here.


Brad Radke:  This was the time first in eight years that he didn't get 10 wins in the regular season. Now he's got two in the playoffs.

A.J. Pierzynski:  The A's didn't like him when the series started. In Game 5, he gave them a good reason not to. Think he cares?

Eddie Guardado:  He grew up rooting for the A's, and he came close to rooting for them in the ALCS. It wasn't pretty, but he got the job done.


Mark Mulder:  The guy battled on three days rest. Too bad his offense couldn't help him out.

Mark Ellis:  Thanks for making it interesting.

Miguel Tejada and Billy Koch:  Two great seasons go up in flames.

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