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Division Series
10/06/2002 11:29 pm ET rates the performances
By Paul C. Smith /

The Giants jumped on Tom Glavine early, and Rich Aurilia put the game away with his three-run homer, as San Francisco sent the series back to Atlanta for Game 5. It doesn't get much closer than this.


One cable car: Broken down in the middle of rush-hour traffic
Two cable cars: Standing in a long line waiting for your turn
Three cable cars: Packed with tourists, but enjoying the ride
Four cable cars: Climbing halfway to the stars
Five cable cars: Atop Nob Hill, and you get to ring the bell

Livan Hernandez: The Giants needed a dominating effort from Hernandez and what did they get? How about four no-hit innings while they were building up a 7-0 lead? That'll do just fine.

Giants lineup: Kenny Lofton, Rich Aurilia and Jeff Kent went 8-for-13 with six runs scored and four RBIs. That's the way to do it when they won't pitch to Barry.

Giants fans: They set a Pacific Bell Park attendance record in Game 3 on Saturday and broke it on Sunday. They ushered Hernandez in from the bullpen with an encouraging ovation before the game and they kept the tempo lively throughout the game.


One peach: The last piece of fruit from the bottom of the bin
Two peaches: Mom packed this instead of a candy bar?
Three peaches: Juicy and refreshing
Four peaches: A tasty cobbler
Five peaches: Warm slice of delicious pie, a la mode

Tom Glavine: He said after losing Game 1 in Atlanta that he wasn't sure what he did wrong on the mound. Apparently, he never did figure it out.

Braves' 2, 3, 5 hitters: Julio Franco, Gary Sheffield and Andruw Jones went 1-for-13 on Sunday and now are hitting .167, .071 and .267, respectively, in the series. Jones did make a nice running catch in deep left-center in the seventh inning Sunday night, but his bat has been relatively silent. And Franco left three runners in scoring position.

Javy Lopez and Vinny Castilla: Lopez, after hitting home runs in the first two games, sat out Game 3 while Henry Blanco played. No problem, he picked it up again on Sunday, going 1-for-3 with an RBI and is batting .364 in the series. Castilla had a pair of hits and drove in a run in Game 4 and is hitting .429 in the series.

Paul C. Smith is a reporter for and can be reached at This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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