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Division Series
10/08/2002 01:36 am ET rates the performances
By Chris Shuttlesworth /

Neither side wanted to blink Monday, but the Giants made the most of opportunity while the Braves wasted chance after chance. So it's on to St. Louis for the Giants, while the Braves can start cleaning out their lockers and booking tee times.


One peach: The last piece of fruit from the bottom of the bin
Two peaches: Mom packed this instead of a candy bar?
Three peaches: Juicy and refreshing
Four peaches: A tasty cobbler
Five peaches: Warm slice of delicious pie, a la mode

Kevin Millwood: Don't blame him for the Braves' exit. He gave them an outstanding performance to win Game 2, and with the series on the line, he nearly contained every Giant not named Bonds. But with only one run of support, he ended up the loser.

Andruw Jones: With two hits, he was the only Brave to record more than one, and he sparked Atlanta's best rally with a leadoff single in the sixth, coming around to score the lone Braves run.

Mark DeRosa: The sparkplug came off the bench and smacked a hit off reliever Aaron Fultz to bring home Andruw Jones, cutting the Giants' lead in half. Too bad he ended up like 12 other Braves, tossing his helmet back toward the dugout at the end of an inning.

Chipper Jones and Gary Sheffield: We're pretty sure they owe us peaches after leaving a whopping eight men on base combined. Jones left the bases loaded in the fifth and hit into the game-ending double play, while Sheffield ripped through strike three with two men on and none out in the ninth.


One cable car: Broken down in the middle of rush-hour traffic
Two cable cars: Standing in a long line waiting for your turn
Three cable cars: Packed with tourists, but enjoying the ride
Four cable cars: Climbing halfway to the stars
Five cable cars: Atop Nob Hill, and you get to ring the bell

Barry Bonds: Put away the videotape of Sid Bream. Toss the stat sheets showing all Bonds' postseason 0-fers. He scored all the runs the Giants would need Monday, one after singling in the second and the other with a mammoth homer, his third of the series.

Russ Ortiz: He took the same red-eye as the rest of his teammates, but it didn't show Monday as he recorded his second win of the series. He went 5 1/3, allowing one run (which scored when Aaron Fultz gave up a hit) on four hits.

Felix Rodriguez and Tim Worrell: After Fultz gave the Braves a small breath of life in the sixth, Rodriguez clamped his hand over their collective mouths by getting the final two outs. Worrell then smothered them completely with two shutout innings, surrendering a hit and a walk but also striking out three.

Dusty Baker: The man with the toothpick finally won a postseason series after 10 years as skipper of the Giants, and his decision to go with a four-man rotation played a large part, including his faith in Game 4 winner Livan Hernandez. He also put J.T. Snow in the perfect spot to snag the grounder that turned into the series-ending double play.

Chris Shuttlesworth is an editorial producer for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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