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Sheffield: 'There's no worse feeling'
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Division Series
10/08/2002 02:30 am ET 
'There's no worse feeling'

Gary Sheffield and Braves saw the Giants celebrate their NLDS-clinching win on Monday. (Chris Stanford/Getty Images)

ATLANTA -- This is obviously a very disappointing moment for us. We've been through so much throughout the year together. We've always been a team that has battled until the end.

It looked like we had the opportunity to do it again tonight. It just didn't happen.

I went up there in the ninth inning just looking for something to hit. After struggling with his control early in the inning, Robb Nen seemed to get it together during Julio Franco's at-bat. I went up there trying to be aggressive against a very good pitcher and maybe got a little too anxious.

Obviously, I wasn't able to get the job done and we can only look back at what might have been. This is not the way we envisioned it ending.

We left a lot of guys on base tonight and during the series. That was definitely the difference in the ballgame tonight. You can't throw away opportunities when you're facing great pitching in the playoffs.

The Giants outplayed us in all phases of the game during this series. Sometimes, you just have to tip your cap to the other team. I'm not going to say they have a better team. They just outplayed us.

I'm going to call Barry right now and tell him to take it all the way. I know that ring has always been important to him. I just hope he has the opportunity to finally realize how good it feels to get one.

Back to You know, it's really disappointing that this team never really got to celebrate anything that we accomplished this year together. When we clinched the division, we weren't together to congratulate each other.

Now we're all packing up and going our separate ways. There's not a worse feeling in the world for a team that started the year slowly and then did so much. I can honestly say that I thought this team had what it took to get it done.

I really enjoyed playing here this year. I've said all along that Bobby Cox is a great manager to play for and is one of the reasons this team is in the playoffs every year. We don't know exactly what is going to happen during the winter. But that is the nature of the game.

I'm going to stay here in Atlanta for a while and then spend some time at my home in Tampa before taking my wife and son out to Barry's house to train for next year.

Hopefully things will turn out a little better for us next year.

Gary Sheffield's column was told to Mark Bowman, a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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