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Game 1 game balls
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League Championship Series
10/09/2002 02:29 am ET 
Game 1 game balls
By Kent Schacht / is awarding "game balls" -- or, in this case, Twinkies, as the lads from Minnesota are often called, and Monkeys, in honor of the Anaheim's celebrity primate -- for performances in this year's American League Championship Series.


One monkey: You're stuck working for a non-union organ grinder
Two monkeys: Zoo life. Plenty of bananas, not much excitement
Three monkeys: More fun than a barrel of ... well, you know
Four monkeys: Thump that chest, you're king of the jungle

Anaheim bullpen: Best in the league all season. Brilliant on Wednesday, holding the Twins without a run after Appier left the game.

Kevin Appier: Limited the Twins offense to two runs, but ran up his pitch count with three walks. Anaheim has to get more than five innings out of its starters if it hopes to beat the Twins.

Tim Salmon, Garret Anderson, Troy Glaus: The 3-4-5 hitters go 0-for-11, with one walk, three strikeouts and five runners left on base. Did these guys lose their bats somewhere between Southern California and Minneapolis?


One Twinkie: Strictly a 98-lb. weakling
Two Twinkies: A little better, but still eating like a bird
Three Twinkies: Now you're putting it away like a man
Four Twinkies: You're all that, and a glass of milk

Joe Mays:  This couldn't have been the same Joe Mays that got shelled last Wednesday in Oakland. If he can repeat this performance a couple of more times this month....

Corey Koskie:  Went 2-for-4 with the game-winning hit -- his double in the fifth. Did somebody tell this hockey-crazed Canadian that the winner of the World Series gets the Stanley Cup for a day?

Eddie Guardado:  This couldn't have been the same "Everyday Eddie" who almost blew the ALDS. Good (but not perfect) outing on Tuesday puts him right back on track, where the Twins need him.

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