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Take me out to the ballgame
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World  Series
10/19/2002 7:51 pm ET 
Take me out to the ballgame
Celebrities, reporters make World Series predictions
By Alyson Footer /

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin threw out the first pitch of Game 1 of the 2002 World Series. (Alyson Footer/
ANAHEIM -- The scene on the field during batting practice before a World Series game is a rather amusing sight: 25 players, a handful of coaches, a couple of trainers ... and oh, 350 or so reporters, announcers, celebrities and photographers.

What better time to pick the brains of the baseball experts to see how they think this year's Fall Classic will shake out? Not surprisingly, almost everyone had a prediction for this year's winner.

Lisa Guerrero of FOX's "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" was the boldest of all predictors -- Angels in four. And she desperately wants to be right, if only to stick it to her co-hosts when she reports to work on Monday.

"I went to the Angels' game on Opening Night," she recalled. "I took the day off and came down here (from Los Angeles) to go to the game. The next day on the set, we went around and talked about what we did over the weekend. I said I went to the Angels game. They're like, 'You take one day off and you go to the Angels game? You don't have anything better to do? They're horrible.' They just ripped me."

Back to Six and a half months later, here's Guerrero, standing by the Angels' dugout mere hours before the first pitch of Game 1, with Tom Arnold nowhere in sight.

"Now I get to have the last laugh," she said.

Guerrero wasn't the only one with an opinion. Here's a star-studded list of celebrity predictions -- winner, number of games it'll take, and the World Series MVP.

Jayson Stark, ESPN: "Angels in six; David Eckstein."

Bill Shaikin, LA Times: "Angels in six; Brad Fullmer."

Jon Miller, ESPN: "I'm the worst predictor. I never get it right. But it'll go at least six games, maybe seven. And if it gets to Game 6, whoever wins that one will also win Game 7.

"But I'll pick David Bell for MVP. Unless Angels win it. Then I think it'll be Garret Anderson."

Peter Pascarelli, ESPN: "The 49ers. Or the Giants -- in five. MVP -- Rich Aurilia. He's swinging the bat well. I'm just rooting for a short series. I hope someone wins it before the earthquake happens."

Josh Groban, anthem singer: "The Giants." Groban added that as a Dodger fan, the Giants are the next best thing.

Guerrero: "I'll go out on a limb and say Angels in four. If you're going to make a prediction, you've got to make a bold statement one way or the other. You shouldn't tiptoe, you just go for it." MVP: "Got to pick somebody outrageous ..." After thinking for a while, decides on Garret Anderson.

Dave Campbell, ESPN: "Giants in seven; Robb Nen. I can't decide on an offensive player so I'll pick a guy who can close four games out."

Bob Nightengale,USA Today Sports Weekly: Angels in six, because of how hot they were in the LCS. MVP -- Jarrod Washburn."

Rick Sutcliffe, ESPN: "Angels in six. Darin Erstad."

Harold Reynolds, ESPN: "If I knew, I'd go to Vegas. But I've been on the Giants bandwagon the whole time, even when they were 10 games back. I'll stick with them till the end."

Buzz Aldrin, astronaut and ceremonial first pitch honoree: "It's not an accident that I have a red jacket on. I lived in Orange County. I'm just interested in seeing the series go to as many games as possible. I'd like to see it get back here for (games) six and seven."

Pat O'Brien, Access Hollywood: "Giants in 7; Benito Santiago."

Alyson Footer is a reporter for This story was not subject to approval by Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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