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Mike Scioscia post-game quotes
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World  Series
10/23/2002 03:12 am ET 
Mike Scioscia post-game quotes

Mike Scioscia, Angels manager

(David) Eckstein led off three of the four innings. Things like that are a pretty good sign for you guys.

Our order was moving around. That definitely helped. I guess it was a by-product of some good innings. But also, more times guys can get up there in a game, obviously, you're getting a lot of offense. Gives them a chance to make some adjustments at the plate. Yeah, that was -- we did a lot of things early to get things going.

You said after Game 1 that losing the first game was not a blueprint. Is it beginning to look like it is one for you guys?

Back to Here's our philosophy: We're not looking at anything past tomorrow's game. We'll let everyone else add them up and let us know how we're doing.

By losing the first game, if we won the first game, it wasn't going to change our approach to Game 2. Naturally, you always want to get off on a good foot, but we weren't able to in any series this year. You definitely have your work cut out for you with a club as talented as the Giants are. We're fortunate now to be in a position up 2-1. Whatever position we were in, whether we're down 3-0 or up 3-0, it would not change our approach of that game-to-game basis and what we're going to try to do tomorrow.

Could you share with us your decision to walk (Barry) Bonds in the first inning, if it was an automatic or situational?

I think as they were getting some runners on, it became -- I think it became apparent that we were going to -- we didn't really want Barry to have a chance early in the game to break it open.

It's almost like pick your poison, because Benito (Santiago) is swinging the bat well. He's been hitting a lot of clutch hits for them. Of course, J.T. (Snow) behind Benito, it's not a pleasant situation.

But Ramon Ortiz made some terrific pitches both to Benito and to J.T. to minimize the damage to one run. That early in the game, I just -- I know we didn't feel comfortable giving Barry a chance to change the tide of the game early.

This is the sixth time in this postseason you guys have batted around. What is it about your style of play or the make-up of your lineup that allows for so many big innings?

They've done a terrific job all year long of situational hitting, in particular with guys in scoring position. It seemed like we had some hits that fell in. I thought guys were battling and fought some tough pitches off.

One thing leads to another, we had some big innings. I know just from watching these playoffs, we've had probably four or five innings that I haven't seen in any playoff I've ever been involved in. If you look at an eight-run inning, a 10-run inning, a five-run inning, that's very uncommon for playoffs.

Our guys are doing a good job offensively, as the Giants are. They've pressured us every game. Fortunately, we've come out on top on a couple of them.

Were you a little concerned about the weather at all? Are you surprised about the offense in light of how cool it was?

I think we were able to do some of the things that we've been successful at all year tonight. I thought we ran the bases well, we stole a couple bases, put some runners in motion, hit behind some runners well.

That type of baseball, if we do have the opportunities, like you said, if Eck is the leadoff hitter, leading off an inning, getting on base, Ersty follows it up, it sets a table, a lot of good things can happen for us.

Although 10 runs is something you are not going to get every night, I'm not going to say I'm surprised because I think if we can keep pressuring clubs the way we've been doing all year and in the playoffs, you have the potential to do something like we did tonight. But as I said, everything's not always going to fall in, as it has the last couple nights for us.

Putting that many runners in motion early in the game, then scoring that many runs without a home run, do you think that distinguishes your club from other teams in the American League?

I think there's teams comparable to the way our club plays in the American League. We've matched it with really outstanding pitching, also. That's really -- when you look at that combination, that's why we even made the playoffs and why we're at this level.

I think there's other teams as aggressive offensively as ours, maybe they haven't had the success on the mound, so they obviously weren't in the playoffs. I don't think that type of ball is just common to the National League, that you're talking about. I think it's common to any team that has players that for that offense to be successful, has to play that type of game. I think ours is an indication of that.

I think there are clubs that can drive the ball better than our club, they play that style of game, we have some guys that can hit the ball out of the park. But predominantly, we're a club that does battle and we've done battle at the plate, moved runners along and it's been successful for us this year.

With the three 400-foot home runs that you've seen from Barry now, do you have any better respect for him, appreciation, or has your approach towards him not changed at all?

I have the utmost respect for Barry Bonds' talent. I think we showed it in the first inning, when we walked him in that situation. Barry is the real deal. You can talk about any superstar you want to talk about in the game, Barry's the guy.

That saying a lot, when you're talking about guys like A-Rod and guys that are in our league that are incredible, to have Barry a notch above them says something.

I think the thing to say about Barry, it was a little refreshing not to have to face him during the season this year. But he didn't need to hit any home runs for me to gain any respect for his talent.

Just picking up on that, he's hit three home runs in three games. You've kept him from breaking a game open. Are you better off with the way you handled him?

I'd like to be making pitches and getting him out a little more often. That would be the ultimate. We've handled him by sometimes not giving him anything to hit. If that's handling Barry, I guess we're doing all right with it.

My preference would be if we could make some pitches and get the guy to swing at a bad pitch or get the guy to roll over on a ground ball that isn't going at 8,000 miles an hour. I feel good about that. This guy's an incredible offensive player. Definitely a guy that -- I mean, just the fact, you see situations that he's flat-out walked. I think that says it all.

When you get to their bullpen so early two games in a row, are you thinking you're doing damage beyond tonight? Are you making them more vulnerable for upcoming games?

Both clubs I think have done a terrific job on the offensive end of forcing the action. Our starters need to go deeper, too, because I think they're getting into our bullpen early.

I think both clubs, if you have to go deep into your pens, you're going to end up paying a price. Even with the days off in a series, a seven-game series, even with two days off in between, you have to monitor some guys and see how they're responding.

We needed four innings from the pen tonight, we needed about, what was it, six, six-plus or seven-plus the night before.

That's going to take its toll. It sure is.

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