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Chicken Man is Giants' biggest fan
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World  Series
10/24/2002 11:59 pm ET 
Chicken Man is Giants' biggest fan
By Alyson Footer /

Tim the Chicken Man (left) attended Game 5 of the World Series with Donovan (middle) and Crystal. ( Alyson Footer/
SAN FRANCISCO -- Who's the toughest interview to score during the World Series? Barry Bonds? No. Jeff Kent? No. Troy Glaus? Darin Erstad? Troy Percival? Kenny Lofton?

No, no, no, no.

It's Tim.

You know, Tim.

"I'm the Chicken Man, dog man, bunny man," Tim said. "In that order."

For those of us who did not attend 70 games at Pacific Bell Park with Tim and pals Crystal and Donovan this season, Tim is a die-hard Giants fan, a season ticket holder ... and the designated chicken guy. When an opposing pitcher intentionally walks Bonds, Tim -- inexplicably wearing pink bunny ears and waving a rubber chicken in the air -- runs up and down the aisle near his seats in section 139. Tim's a fun-loving guy and a Giants fanatic. Just don't try to converse with him when the game's going. He's working.

"I'll talk to you after this inning," Tim says, just before sprinting down the walkway in front of the left-field stands. He flails about, hands in the air, until every fan in those outfield sections is on his or her feet.

You see, Tim also serves as the designated cheerleader, a sort of rallying-the-troops kind of guy.

Back to Is Tim coming back? And will he talk to

"If it's during an inning, it doesn't matter if you're the National Enquirer," Crystal explained. "He won't do any interviews during the game."

Well, at least we're in good company.

Finally, the sixth frame ends. Here comes Tim, as friendly as can be.

"Every time they intentionally walk Bonds, I bring the chicken out," he explains, balancing on one leg while shaking the other, "and do the chicken dance."

Tim's antics have caught on like wildfire. A number of fans now bring rubber chickens to the ballpark with them, and a few have gone as far as to designate themselves as "Chicken Men" in other sections of the stadium.

But there's only one original chicken man -- Tim. And with the Giants rolling to a Game 5 win, this Giants loyalist can practically taste a World Series title.

"I could die if they win the World Series," Tim said, quickly adding, "After I celebrate."

Alyson Footer is a reporter for This story was not subject to approval by Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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