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Angels fans foresee Game 7
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World  Series
10/26/2002 8:03 pm ET 
Angels fans foresee Game 7
By Alyson Footer /

Anaheim fans slept outside of Edison Field on Friday for the chance to see Game 6. (Julie Jacobson/AP)
ANAHEIM -- The atmosphere outside Edison Field on Saturday wasn't quite as electric as it was one week ago when the World Series opened in Anaheim.

A few things have changed since then -- the San Francisco Giants have won three games, the Angels two, and Anaheim fans are faced with the cold reality that if their team doesn't win tonight, it's all over.

Maybe that's why fans seemed more low-key today. Sure, there were still hundreds of people lined up hours before the gates opened. And as usual, nearly everyone -- with the exception of a few Giants fans here and there -- was decked out in their Angel red. But it was ... well, quieter than last week.

A lone fan walked through the crowd clapping his ThunderStix. It made a hollow, empty sound among the subdued crowd.

Back to Are Angels fans worried about possible elimination tonight? According to Angel faithful Ernie and Dawn, the answer is an emphatic no.

"It's still early," Dawn said. "After the gates open, it'll get louder."

She was right. Almost on cue, the heavy gates flung open, and a cheer erupted among the fans. Let the excitement begin.

Dawn, for one, has every bit of confidence in her team as she did when the Fall Classic began.

"We're only down one game," she said. "It's not like it's 3-0."

Added Ernie: "Everyone thought it would go at least six (games). Neither team was going to go down easily."

Dawn had to admit that she was hoping the Angels wouldn't win the Series while the team was in San Francisco. She had tickets to Game 6, and she wants to see the Angels win at home.

"Isn't that terrible?" she laughed.

Meanwhile, program sellers John Christopher and Aaron Fell have noticed a dropoff in crowd enthusiasm.

"Especially from the Championship Series to now," Fell said. "The Championship Series you could hear a rumble. But it's pretty laid back now."

The pair noticed a dropoff in program sales, too.

"But that's mainly because a lot of these people have already been to at least one World Series game and bought a program," Fell said.

Fell and Christopher, who work at Dodger Stadium during the regular season, lent their services throughout the postseason to the Angels, who were a little short on help come playoff time. Although they are Dodger fans first, the two are pulling for the Angels to force a Game 7 and win the whole thing.

"They always do better when their backs are against the wall," Fell said. "I think they have a chance. With that lineup? Of course. But (the Giants) have Barry (Bonds), so you never know."

Added Christopher: "The Angels are going to pull out all the stops today. They'll be super-aggressive."

Pals James and Joe also have faith in the Angels. Especially James, who pointed out that not only is Anaheim 6-1 during home playoff games so far, but also that the only game at Edison Field that he has missed so far is the Angels' lone home loss.

"We were down one game in the beginning, we're down one now," James said. "We're going to do it today and take it to a Game 7. And win it."

Now consider the plight of Ken, Pat, Jim and Bill. Ken and Pat are brother and sister. Bill is their father. Jim is married to Pat.

Ken and Bill are Giants fans. Pat and Jim are Angels fans.

Are you following?

And they're all at Game 6 together.

"I've got the victory cigars ready," Ken said. "I fear no (Rally) Monkey."

Jim, who commited the cardinal sin when he whisked his wife away from her Giants' roots and converted her to an Angels fan, said he will still enjoy Ken's allottment of victory cigars should the Giants win the game tonight.

After all, these four won't let a World Series rivalry get in the way of family.

"We have to sit down to Thanksgiving together," Pat said. "All of us."

Alyson Footer is a reporter for This story was not subject to approval by Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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