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World Series pre-game notes
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World  Series
10/27/2002 8:38 pm ET 
World Series pre-game notes


GAME SEVEN: This is the 35th time that the World Series has gone the distance. That breaks down to 34 7-game Series and an 8-game Fall Classic in 1912, when there was one tie game. It is the 2nd consecutive year there has been a 7-game Series but just the 4th time in the last 14 Fall Classics (beginning 1988) that has taken place. The others: Braves and Twins in 1991; Indians and Marlins in 1997; and Yankees and Diamondbacks in 2001. This marks the 1st time there have been consecutive 7-game Series since 3 straight went the distance from 1985-87.

IN GAME SEVEN: The home team and the visiting team have won 17 times each. However, the home club has prevailed in each of the last seven 7-game Series (Cardinals in 1982; Royals in 1985; Mets in 1986; Twins in 1987 and 1991; Marlins in 1997; Diamondbacks in 2001). Prior to this stretch, the visitors had captured the 7th game on 13 of the previous 16 occasions, last by Pittsburgh at Baltimore in 1979.

WINNING GAMES SIX AND SEVEN: The Angels are attempting to become the 20th team to win the World Championship after trailing, 3 games to 2. That has occurred 17 times in a 7-game Series and twice in a best of 9 fall classic, 1903 and 1921. The team trailing, 3-2 won on 7 of the last 8 occasions beginning in 1979 (Pirates in 1979; Cardinals in 1982; Royals in 1985; Mets in 1986; Twins in 1987 and 1991; Diamondbacks in 2001). The only exception in that span is Cleveland in 1997, which won Game 6 to tie the Series but lost in the 7th Game. Prior to 1997, the last time a club down 3-2 had failed to win the Series was 1975, when Boston captured Game 6 but lost to Cincinnati in the 7th and deciding game.

WINNING THE LAST TWO GAMES AT HOME: This is the 31st time that a team trailing, 3 games to 2, has gone home for Game 6 and a Game 7, if necessary. Of the previous 30 times, the trailing team has won the fall classic 11 times, including 6 of the last 7 occasions:

1924 -- Senators over Giants 1985 -- Royals over Cardinals
1925 -- Pirates over Senators 1986 -- Mets over Red Sox
1940 -- Reds over Tigers 1987 -- Twins over Cardinals
1946 -- Cardinals over Red Sox 1991 -- Twins over Braves
1973 -- A's over Mets 2001 -- Diamondbacks over Yankees
1982 -- Cardinals over Brewers    

TEAMS WITH A 3-2 LEAD: The Giants are the 59th team to take a 3-2 lead in the World Series and the 36th to lose Game 6. That has now happened each of the last 3 times with Florida dropping Game 6 to Cleveland in 1997 and the Yankees losing the 6th game to Arizona last year. Of the previous 58 occasions, the team with a 3-2 advantage has won the fall classic 39 times (67.2%). The Marlins were the last team with a 3-2 lead to lose Game 6, then win the Series. The last time that a team with a 3-2 lead lost Game 6, then won Game 7 on the road was 1975, when the Reds defeated the Red Sox. That has happened 11 times in history:

1909 -- Pirates over Tigers 1965 -- Dodgers over Twins
1945 -- Tigers over Cubs 1967 -- Cardinals over Red Sox
1955 -- Dodgers over Yankees 1971 -- Pirates over Orioles
1956 -- Yankees over Dodgers 1972 -- A's over Reds
1957 -- Braves over Yankees 1975 -- Reds over Red Sox
1962 -- Yankees over Giants    

A RARE SERIES SEQUENCE: For just the 2nd time ever, the 1st 6 games of a World Series have gone as follows: road team wins Game 1; home team wins Game 2; road team wins Game 3; home team wins Games 4 and 5 to take a 3-2 advantage on the road for Games 6 and 7; home team wins Game 6 to tie the Series at 3 wins apiece.

b The only other time this has occurred was in 1982. Milwaukee won Game 1 on the road and Games 4 and 5 at home with St. Louis taking Game 2 at home and Game 3 on the road. The Cardinals went on to win Games 6 and 7 in St. Louis to win the World championship.

SECOND WILD CARD: The winner of tonight's game will join the Florida Marlins in 1997 as the 2nd Wild Card entry to ever win a World Series.

THE GIANTS are looking to clinch their 6th all-time World title tonight, the 1st since 1954 versus Cleveland. A 6th victory would tie the Giants with the Dodgers for 4th most all-time behind the Yankees (26) and the A's and Cardinals (9 each). This will be the 4th time that the Giants have participated in a winner-take-all deciding game of the World Series. The franchise is 0-3 in that situation, losing Game 8 (one earlier tie) at Boston in 1912; and Games 7 at Washington in 1924 and to New York in San Francisco in 1962.

The Giants have won the deciding game of a World Series on the road 3 times: 1921 vs. the Yankees at the Polo Grounds (Game 8); 1933 at Washington (Game 5); and 1954 at Cleveland (Game 4).

THE ANGELS are attempting to become the 13th franchise to win the World Series in its 1st trip to the fall classic (see chart on page 2). The club would be the 5th expansion team to capture a Series, joining the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001 (4th season); New York Mets in 1969 (8th season); Toronto Blue Jays in 1992 (16th season); and Kansas City Royals in 1985 (17th season).

The Angels will be going for their 1st World title tonight in their 42nd year of existence since joining the American League in 1961. Only 3 franchises have gone more years before winning a 1st World Championship: the Phillies (1st title in 1980); the Browns/Orioles (1st title in 1966); and the Dodgers (1st title in 1955).

This is the 2nd time that the Angels have played a Game 7 in a postseason Series, losing at Boston in the 1986 ALCS.

1 Saturday,Oct. 19 San Francisco 4, @Anaheim 3
2 Sunday, Oct. 20 @Anaheim 11, San Francisco 10
WP-Fr. Rodriguez..LP-Fe. Rodriguez..SV-Percival
3 Tuesday, Oct. 22 Anaheim, 10, @San Francisco 4
WP-Ra. Ortiz…LP-Hernandez
4 Wednesday, Oct. 23 @San Francisco 4, Anaheim 3
WP-Worrell…LP-Fr. Rodriguez…SV-Nen
5 Thursday, Oct. 24 @San Francisco 16, Anaheim 4
6 Saturday, Oct. 26 Edison International Field
(Ru. Ortiz vs. Appier)
7:58 p.m./4:58 p.m.
7 Sunday, Oct. 27 Edison International Field 8:02 p.m./5:02 p.m.

WINNING IN FIRST SERIES TRIP: The last 3 teams making their 1st trip to the World Series have won the fall classic: Toronto in 1992, Florida in 1997, and Arizona in 2001. The last Series rookie to lose in its debut was San Diego in 1984.

Franchise Year Opponent Result
Boston Red Sox 1903 Pittsburgh Pirates 5-3
New York Giants 1905 Philadelphia A's 4-1
Chicago White Sox 1906 Chicago Cubs 4-2
Boston Braves 1914 Philadelphia A's 4-0
Cincinnati Reds 1919 Chicago White Sox 5-3
Cleveland Indians 1920 Brooklyn Dodgers 5-2
Washington Senators 1924 New York Giants 4-3
St. Louis Cardinals 1926 New York Yankees 4-3
New York Mets 1969 Baltimore Orioles 4-1
Toronto Blue Jays 1992 Atlanta Braves 4-2
Florida Marlins 1997 Cleveland Indians 4-3
Arizona Diamondbacks 2001 New York Yankees 4-3

THE ANGELS' COMEBACK: Notes on Anaheim's comeback from a 5-0 deficit to win Game 6:
Was the biggest comeback ever for a team facing elimination. The previous high was 4 runs on 2 occasions:

  • Oct. 7, 1919, Game 6…The White Sox rally from a 4-0 deficit to defeat the Reds, 5-4 and cut Cincinnati's lead to 4-2 in a best of 9 Series.
  • Oct. 15, 1925, Game 7…The Pirates rally from a 4-0 deficit to defeat the Senators, 9-7 and win the Series, 4-3.
    Was the 5th time that a team has rallied from 5 or more runs down to win a World Series game:
  • Oct. 12, 1929, Game 4…The A's rally from an 8-0 deficit to defeat the Cubs, 10-8
  • Oct. 5, 1956, Game 2…The Dodgers rally from a 6-0 deficit to defeat the Yankees, 13-8
  • Oct. 20, 1993, Game 4…The Blue Jays rally from a 12-7 deficit to defeat the Phillies, 15-14
  • Oct. 23, 1996, Game 6…The Yankees rally from a 6-0 deficit to defeat Atlanta, 8-6
  • Was Anaheim's 2nd 5-run comeback of the postseason. The Angels rallied from a 6-1 hole to defeat New York, 9-6 in Game 3 of the Division Series.

    MANAGING AND PLAYING ON SERIES WINNERS: The winning manager of tonight's 7th game will become the 28th individual to play on and manage a World Series champion. This includes player-managers. DUSTY BAKER won as a player with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1981 while MIKE SCIOSCIA was part of World Championship teams with the Dodgers in 1981 and 1988. The complete list:

    Manager Winning Team(s) Managed/Year(s) Winning Team(s) Played/Year(s)
    Jimmy Collins Boston (AL)/1903* Boston (AL)/1903*
    Fielder Jones Chicago (AL)/1906* Chicago (AL)/1906*
    Frank Chance Chicago (NL)/1907-08* Chicago (NL)/1907-08*
    Fred Clarke Pittsburgh/1909* Pittsburgh/1903; 1909*
    Jake Stahlb Boston (AL)/1912* Boston (AL)/1912*
    Bill Carrigan Boston (AL)/1915-16* Boston (AL)/1912; 1915-16*
    Pat Moran Cincinnati/1919 Chicago (NL)/1907-08
    Tris Speaker Cleveland/1920 Boston (AL)/1912; 1915; Cleveland/1920*
    Bucky Harris Washington/1924*; New York (AL)/1947 Washington/1924*
    Rogers Hornsby St. Louis (NL)/1926* St. Louis (NL)/1926*
    Bill Terry New York (NL)/1933* New York (NL)/1933*
    Frank Frisch St. Louis (NL)/1934* New York (NL)/1921-22;St. Louis (NL)/1931; 34*
    Mickey Cochrane Detroit/1935* Philadelphia (AL)/1929-30; Detroit/1935*
    Bill Southworth St. Louis (NL)/1942; 1944 St. Louis (NL)/1926
    Steve O'Neill Detroit/1945 Cleveland/1920
    Lou Boudreau Cleveland/1948* Cleveland/1948*
    Leo Durocher New York (NL)/1954 New York (AL)/1928; St. Louis (NL)/1934
    Casey Stengel New York (AL)/1949-53; 1956; 1958 New York (NL)/1921-22
    Ralph Houk New York (AL)/1961-62 New York (AL)/ 1947; 1950-52
    Hank Bauer Baltimore/1966 New York (AL)/1949-53; 1956; 1958
    Red Schoendienst St. Louis/1967 St. Louis (NL)/1946; Milwaukee/1957
    Gil Hodges New York (NL)/1969 Brooklyn/1955; Los Angeles/1959
    Alvin Dark Oakland/1974 New York (NL)/1954
    Billy Martin New York (AL)/1977 New York (AL)/1950-53; 1956
    Bob Lemon New York (AL)/1978 Cleveland/1948
    Davey Johnson New York (NL)/1986 Baltimore/1966; 1970
    Lou Piniella Cincinnati/1990 New York (AL)/1977-78

    GAME SEVEN HEROICS: Each of the last 3 Series that have gone 7 games have ended with the home team winning the title with a walk-off run: 1991-GENE LARKIN'S sac fly in 10th gives Minnesota 1-0 win over Atlanta…1997-EDGAR RENTERIA's single in bottom of 11th gives Florida 3-2 win over Cleveland…2001-LUIS GONZALEZ' single in bottom of 9th gives Arizona 3-2 win over New York.


    LIVAN HERNANDEZ makes his 4th start of this postseason and his 4th career World Series start in tonight's deciding game. He is 1-1, 4.91 in 3 starts in this postseason, defeating Atlanta in Game 4 of the NLCS, receiving no decision in Game 4 of the NLCS vs. St. Louis, and losing to Anaheim in Game 3 of the World Series. That loss to the Angels was his 1st in 7 career postseason decisions. He had been tied with the Yankees' LEFTY GOMEZ for the most career wins without a defeat in postseason play. He is now 6-1, 3.48 (21 er/54.1 ip) in 9 career postseason games, including 7 starts.

    Hernandez is 2-1, 6.75 (13 er/17.1 ip) in 3 career World Series starts, defeating Cleveland in Games 1 and 5 with Florida in 1997.

    BROTHERS STARTING WORLD SERIES GAMES: Livan Hernandez' brother Orlando, has started 4 World Series games with New York from 1998-2001, one of 3 sets of brothers to start in the fall classic:

    Brothers Team Year/Games Results
    Jesse Barnes New York (NL) 1922/Game 2 ND/tie game
    Virgil Barnes New York (NL) 1924/Games 4 and 7 W/ND
    Dizzy Dean St. Louis (NL) 1934/Games 1, 5, 7 W/L/W
      Chicago (NL) 1938/Game 2 L
    Paul Dean St. Louis (NL) 1934/Games 3 and 6 W/W
    Livan Hernandez Florida 1997/Games 1 and 5 W/W
      San Francisco 2002/Game 3 L
    Orlando Hernandez New York (AL) 1998/Games 2 W
        1999/Games 1 W
        2000/Games 3 L
        2001/Games 4 ND

    CUBAN BORN STARTERS: Hernandez is one of 5 natives of Cuba to start a World Series game:

    Pitcher Team Year Opponent Games
    Camilio Pascual Minnesota 1965 Los Angeles 3
    Mike Cuellar Baltimore 1969 New York (NL) 1, 4
        1970 Cincinnati 2, 5
        1971 Pittsburgh 3, 7
    Luis Tiant Boston 1975 Cincinnati 1, 4, 6
    Livan Hernandez Florida 1997 Cleveland 1, 5
      San Francisco 2002 Anaheim 3
    Orlando Hernandez New York (AL) 1998 San Diego 2
        1999 Atlanta 1
        2000 New York (NL) 3
        2001 Arizona 4

    JOHN LACKEY will make his 3rd appearance and 2nd start of the World Series tonight. He has a 6.14 era in those 2 outings, in relief in Game 2 (2.1 ip, 2 h, 2 r-er, 1 bb, 1 so) and in a start in Game 4 (5 ip, 9 h, 3 r-er, 3 bb, 2 so). That start came on his 34th birthday, the 5th pitcher to ever start a World Series game on his birthday, 1st since the Dodgers' TIM BELCHER in 1988. Lackey is 1-0, 2.60 (5 er/17.1 ip) in 4 games/2 starts in this postseason, the win coming in a start against Minnesota in Game 4 of the ALCS.

    ROOKIES STARTING GAME 7: Lackey became the 57th rookie pitcher to start a World Series game last Wednesday in San Francisco. Tonight, he will be the 8th rookie to start a winner-take-all game in the fall classic:

    Pitcher Team Date Opponent Result
    Babe Adams Pittsburgh Oct. 16, 1909/Game 7 Detroit W, 8-0/CG
    Hugh Bedient Boston (AL) Oct. 16 1912/Game 8* New York (NL) ND/3-2 win
    Spec Shea New York (AL) Oct. 6, 1947/Game 7 Brooklyn ND/5-2 win
    Joe Black Brooklyn Oct. 7, 1952/Game 7 New York (AL) L, 2-4
    Mel Stottlemyre New York (AL) Oct. 15, 1964/Game 7 St. Louis L, 5-7
    Joe Magrane St. Louis Oct. 25, 1987/Game 7 Minnesota L, 2-4
    Jaret Wright Cleveland Oct. 26, 1997/Game 7 Florida ND/2-3 loss
    *One Tie in Series        

    STARTERS IN SERIES: The starting pitchers for the Giants and the Angels have combined to produce an 8.00 era (48 er/54 ip) in the 1st 6 games of this Series. The Angels starters are 1-2, 8.65 (25 er/26 ip) with the Giants at 1-1, 7.67 (23 er/27 ip). The only starters to work as many as 6 innings are San Francisco's KIRK REUTER in Game 4 (6 ip) and the Giants' RUSS ORTIZ last night (6.1 ip). There has never been a World Series in which a starter did not work at least 7 innings once.

    In the last 44 World Series games, beginning with Game 2 in 1995, there has been only one complete game pitched, by Arizona's RANDY JOHNSON in Game 2 in 2001 versus the Yankees.

    BULLPEN NUMBERS: Through 6 games, the Angels bullpen has a 4.50 era (13 er/26 ip) with the Giants' relief corps at 3.75 (10 er/24 ip). Anaheim's bullpen allowed 2 runs in 4.2 innings on Saturday with the Giants' relievers issuing 4 runs/3 er in 1.2 innings in that game.

    THE CLOSERS: ROBB NEN has 2 saves in this Series and 4 career saves in the fall classic, tying for 3rd most all-time:

    No. Pitcher Team Total Series
    8 Mariano Rivera New York (AL) 5
    6 Rollie Fingers Oakland 3
    4 Johnny Murphy New York (AL) 6
    4 Allie Reynolds New York (AL) 6
    4 John Wetteland New York (AL) 1
    4 Robb Nen Florida/San Francisco 2

    Nen has a 1.00 era (1 e/9 ip) in 10 appearances in this postseason and is 7-8 in save tries, failing to convert last night. His 7 saves in 2002 tie JOHN WETTELAND (1996 with New York) for the most ever in a single postseason. Nen's 11 career postseason saves rank as the 3rd most all-time behind MARIANO RIVERA (25) and DENNIS ECKERSLEY (15). TROY PERCIVAL has 2 saves in this Series and is 6-6 in save opportunities in this postseason with a 3.11 era (3 er/8.2 ip) in 8 total appearances.

    OFFENSIVE EXPLOITS: Giants and Angels highlights in this Series:

  • The Giants have hit 14 home runs in this Series, most ever in a fall classic of any length. The previous mark was 12 by the 1956 Yankees in a 7-game Series vs. Brooklyn.
  • The 2 teams have combined to hit 21 home runs, 4 more than in any previous World Series.
  • The Angels have a .328 team batting average through 6 games. That is currently the 2nd highest by one club in a World Series of any length behind a .338 mark by the Yankees in a 7-game Series in 1960 against Pittsburgh.
  • The 2 teams have combined for a .311 (131-421) batting average. That is currently the highest average ever for both clubs combined in a World Series. The record is .300 by the Yankees and Pirates in 1960.
  • The Giants have a .542 slugging percentage. That is currently the highest ever in a World Series of more than 4 games. The record is .528 by the Yankees in 1960.
  • The 2 teams have combined for a .513 (216-421) slugging percentage, currently the highest ever for both clubs in a World Series. The record in a Series of any length is .468 by the Oakland and San Francisco in 4 games in 1989.
  • The Giants have scored 43 runs in the 1st 6 games of this Series, matching the 4th highest total in a Series:

    Runs Team Year Opponent NO. games
    55 New York (AL) 1960 Pittsburgh 7
    45 Toronto 1993 Philadelphia 6
    44 Cleveland 1997 Florida 7
    43 New York (AL) 1936 New York (NL) 6
    43 San Francisco 2002 Anaheim 6

  • The 2 teams have combined to score 80 runs, 4th most ever in a Series of any length:

    Runs Teams Year No. Games
    82 Yankees (55); Pirates (27) 1960 7
    81 Blue Jays (45); Phillies (36) 1993 6
    81 Indians (44); Marlins (37) 1997 7
    80 Giants (43); Angels (37) 2002 6

  • The Angels have 71 hits, tying the 6th most ever in a Series of any length and the most since Cleveland had 72 in 7 games vs. Florida in 1997. Top 2 totals in history are 91 by the Yankees in 1960 and 81 by the Pirates in 1979.
  • The 2 teams have combined for 131 hits, tying the 7th most in a Series of any length. The top 2 totals all-time are 151 for the Yankees and Pirates in 1960 and 140 for the Indians and Marlins in 1997.
  • The Giants have 110 total bases, matching Pittsburgh in 1979 (7 games) for the 3rd most in a Series of any length behind 142 for the Yankees in 1960 (7 games) and 113 for Boston in 1903 (8 games). Anaheim's 106 total bases matches the 5th most ever in a Series of any length.
  • The 2 teams have combined for 216 total bases, 2nd most ever in a Series to 225 for the Yankees and Pirates in 1960.
  • The Giants (21) and Angels (20) have combined for 41 extra base hits, one shy of the Series record accomplished 3 times, all in 7-game series: Yankees and Pirates in 1960; Cardinals and Brewers in 1982; and Braves and Twins in 1991.


  • The Giants (27) and Angels (24) have the top two home run totals ever in a single postseason. The previous record was 19.
  • There have been 3 individual multi-homer games in this Series: TROY GLAUS and TIM SALMON for Anaheim and JEFF KENT for San Francisco. That matches the most ever in a single Series. In 1932, the Yankees received 2-home games from LOU GEHRIG, TONY LAZZERI, and BABE RUTH.
  • Three players have at least 3 homers in this Series: BARRY BONDS (4), TROY GLAUS (3), and JEFF KENT (3), the 1st time ever that 3 players have ever hit 3 or more home runs in the same Series. The Giants join the 1925 Senators (BUCKY HARRIS and GOOSE GOSLIN); 1928 (LOU GEHRIG and BABE RUTH) and 1956 (YOGI BERRA and MICKEY MANTLE) Yankees; and the 1980 Royals (WILLIE AIKENS and AMOS OTIS) as only Series teams with 2 players with 3 or more home runs.
  • San Francisco has homered twice in an inning 3 times in this Series: the 2nd inning in Games 1 and 2 and the 5th inning in Game 3. The Giants are the 1st team to ever accomplish that feat 3 times in the same Series.


  • Is batting .500 (7-14) in the Series…That would match the record for highest average in a Series of more than 4 games…It has been done 3 times previously in a 6-game Series and 3 times in a 7-Game Series: the Cardinals' PEPPER MARTIN in 1931; the Yankees' JOHNNY LINDELL in 1947; and the Pirates' PHIL GARNER in 1979.
  • Has reached base in 19 of 26 plate appearances in this Series with 7 hits and 12 walks, a .731 on-base percentage…That would be the highest on-base percentage in a World Series of any length with LOU GEHRIG'S .706 (12-17) mark in a 4-game Series in 1928 the current mark.
  • Has a 1.500 slugging percentage, which would also be a record for a Series of more than 4 games…Current mark is 1.250 by REGGIE JACKSON in 1977 with the Yankees in a 6-game Series.
  • Has 12 walks, most for a Series of any length, and 7 intentional walks, tying the career Series record for intentional walks with BERNIE WILLIAMS, who did it in 4 Series with the Yankees in 1996 and 1998-2000.
  • Has hit 4 homers, one of 9 players with at least 4 homers in a single Series and one shy of the all-time record:

    No. Player Team Year No. Game In Series
    5 Reggie Jackson New York (AL) 1977 6
    4 Babe Ruth New York (AL) 1926 7
    4 Lou Gehrig New York (AL) 1928 6
    4 Duke Snyder Brooklyn 1952 7
    4 Duke Snyder Brooklyn 1955 7
    4 Hank Bauer New York (AL) 1958 7
    4 Willie Aikens Kansas City 1980 6
    4 Lenny Dykstra Philadelphia 1993 7
    4 BARRY BONDS San Francisco 2002 6

  • Has scored 8 runs, matching the record for a 7-Game Series. It has been done 9 times previously, last by Cleveland's MATT WILLIAMS in 1997. The all-time record is 10 by REGGIE JACKSON (1977) and PAUL MOLITOR (1993) in 6-game Series.
  • Has 6 extra base hits (2 doubles/4 homers), tying the 2nd most ever in a Series of any length. The record of 7 was set by Pittsburgh's WILLIE STARGELL in 7 games in 1979 vs. Baltimore.
  • Has 21 total bases, 4 shy of all-time Series record shared by REGGIE JACKSON in 1978 and Stargell in 1979.

    MORE ON BONDS: Barry has 8 homers, 26 walks, and 13 intentional walks in his 16 postseason games, the highest totals ever for a single postseason. His 11 extra base hits match WILLIE STARGELL in 1979 and TROY GLAUS in 2002 for most ever in a postseason.

    SAN FRANCISCO HITTING NOTES: RICH AURILIA has 17 rbi in this postseason, tied with Boston's JOHN VALENTIN in 1999 for 3rd most all-time behind Cleveland's SANDY ALOMAR, Jr. in 1997 and Anaheim's SCOTT SPIEZIO in 2002…SHAWON DUNSTON became the 6th oldest player to ever homer in a World Series game last night, accomplishing that feat at 39 years, 218 days…Was the oldest since Cleveland's EDDIE MURRAY (39-241) in 1995…JEFF KENT is 5-9 with 5 rbi in his last 2 games…Has 7 rbi, matching EMIL MEUSEL (1921 and 1922) and DUSTY RHODES (1954) for the most ever by a Giants player in the World Series…KENNY LOFTON is 8-15 in his last 3 games after going 1-12 in the 1st 3 contests of the Series…Had 2 stolen bases last night to give him 9 career in the World Series, tying for 6th most all-time…BENITO SANTIAGO has 16 rbi in the pos-season, tying the 5th most ever with FRED McGRIFF, Atlanta in 1996…J.T. SNOW is the only Giant to hit safely in all 6 games of this series…The Giants have received 9 intentional walks in this Series, most ever in a single Series.


  • Has 6 extra base hits (3 doubles/3 homers), tying the 2nd most ever in a Series of any length. WILLIE STARGELL had 7 in a 7-game Series in 1979. Glaus has 11 extra base hits in this postseason, tying the all-time high.
  • Has 22 total bases, 3 shy of the Series record shared by REGGIE JACKSON in 1978 and Stargell in 1979.
  • Has 8 rbi, matching SCOTT SPIEZIO, most for a player in a Series since 1997, when Cleveland's SANDY ALOMAR had 10 and Florida's MOISES ALOU had 9.
  • Has scored 7 runs, one shy of the record for a 7-game Series.
  • Has 10 hits, most in a Series since 1997 (Alomar-11; CHARLES JOHNSON and MATT WILLIAMS-10).
  • Has hit safely in all 6 games of this Series.
  • Has 7 homers in this postseason, 2nd most ever, one less than BARRY BONDS.

    ANAHEIM BATTING NOTES: The Angels have recorded 10 or more hits in each of the last 5 games, the longest streak ever in a single Series.
    DARIN ERSTAD has hit safely in 14 of 15 games in this postseason…He has 24 hits in this postseason, one shy of the all-time record set by Atlanta's MARQUIS GRISSOM in 1995…DAVID ECKSTEIN has hit safely 12 of 15 contests overall in this postseason…GARRET ANDERSON has hit safely in his last 9 games of this postseason…BENJI GIL is 8-12 (.667) in this postseason…SCOTT SPIEZIO joins TROY GLAUS with 8 rbi in this Series…He has 19 in this postseason, tying the all-time record set by Cleveland's SANDY ALOMAR, Jr. in 1997…Spiezio is batting .733 (11-15) with runners in scoring position during this postseason…Highest average with RISP in a single postseason is .688 by Boston's MARTY BARRETT in 1988.

    FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ, who entered the postseason with just 5 career major league appearances, is 5-1 with a 2.04 era (4 er/17.2 ip) in his 9 postseason appearances and has achieved some significant milestones along the way:

  • Has tied the record for wins in a single postseason, 1st set by Arizona's RANDY JOHNSON in 2001.
  • Is the 1st pitcher to ever record 5 wins in relief in a single postseason.
  • Became the youngest pitcher to ever win a World Series game with his victory in Game 2 at 20 years, 286 days.
  • Is the youngest player to appear in the World Series since 1996 and the youngest pitcher since 1970.
  • In the modern era, entered a World Series with the fewest career major league appearances since 1967, when Boston's KEN BRETT pitched in Game 7 vs. St. Louis with one lifetime regular season game under his belt.

    HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE: The team with the home field advantage (potentially hosting 4 of 7 games) has been victorious in 14 of the last 16 World Series beginning in 1985. The exceptions were in 1992 (Toronto over Atlanta) and 1999 (New York over Atlanta). The last American League team to lose a fall classic with the home field advantage was the Yankees in 1981 as the A.L. club has won the World Championship the last 9 times in that situation.

    N.L. VS. A.L.: A Giants win this evening would give the National League consecutive World Series titles for the 1st time since a 4-year run from 1979-82. The winners in that span were Pittsburgh in 1979; Philadelphia in 1980; Los Angeles in 1981; and St. Louis in 1982. Beginning in 1983, the A.L. has captured 12 of 18 World Series played and leads all-time, 57-40.

    FIRST PITCH: The ceremonial 1st pitch will be thrown by Jim Abbott, who pitched with the Angels from 1989-92 and 1995-96.
    STAR-SPANGLED BANNER: Melissa Ethridge will sing the National Anthem.
    GOD BLESS AMERICA/TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME: Actor Wayne Brady will sing the two songs.

    CLINCHING GAME: There are 2 postgame contingency plans for tonight's game. IF ANAHEIM WINS THE SERIES, the awards presentations for the Commissioner's Trophy and Most Valuable Player Awards will take place ON THE FIELD. A stage will be placed behind 2nd base for the ceremony. All Angels players will remain on the field during the ceremonies. All media with field access will be allowed on the field for the presentations and to conduct interviews.

    IF SAN FRANCISCO WINS, the awards presentations and all post-game interviews will be done in the Giants clubhouse. The usual clubhouse policies and interview room procedures will be in place.

    ON THE WAY TO COOPERSTOWN: The cap worn by FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ when he became the youngest pitcher to win a World Series Game in Game 2 has been donated to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

    WORLD SERIES SHORTS: FELIX RODRIGUEZ has pitched in all 6 games of this Series, the 3rd pitcher to ever appear in the 1st 6 games of a World Series, joining Oakland's DAROLD KNOWLES in 1973 (all 7 games) and Kansas City's DAN QUISENBERRY in 1980 (all 6 games)…Rodriguez has appeared in 13 of the Giants' 16 games in this postseason…BRENDAN DONNELLY has pitched 5.2 innings in this Series without allowing a hit…The record for most total innings in a Series without allowing a hit is 4.2 by RON TAYLOR of the Cardinals in 1964…The only player on the World Series rosters who has not appeared in a game in this fall classic is San Francisco catcher YORVIT TORREALBA…The 1st 6 games of this Series have averaged 3:40…That is currently the 2nd longest average time of game in Series history to 3:46 in a 5-game Series between the Yankees and Mets in 2000…With a San Francisco win tonight, REGGIE SANDERS would become the 6th player to be on World Series champion teams in consecutive years with 2 different clubs…The others are ALLIE CLARK (Yankees in 1947; Indians in 1948); CLEM LABINE (Dodgers in 1959; Pirates in 1960); BILL SKOWRON (Yankees in 1962; Dodgers in 1963); DON GULLETT (Reds in 1976; Yankees in 1977); and JACK MORRIS (Twins in 1991; Blue Jays in 1992)…Last World Series with 5 one-run games was 1995.

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