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Umpire hit in face in Houston
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06/05/2003 9:19 PM ET
Umpire hit in face in Houston
DiMuro taken to hospital to receive stitches
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Home-plate umpire Mike DiMuro applies a towel to his face after being hit by a ball. (Pat Sullivan/AP)
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HOUSTON -- Home-plate umpire Mike DiMuro left Thursday's game between the Houston Astros and Baltimore Orioles in the third inning after being hit in the nose with a thrown ball.

DiMuro was taken to the Methodist Hospital with a split in his nose that will require stiches. He will undergo X-rays to determine if his nose if fractured.

Orioles pitcher Travis Driskill fielded a squeeze-bunt attempt by Adam Everett and threw to catcher Brook Fordyce, but the ball bounced off the glove and hit DiMuro squarely in the nose. Astros trainer Dave LaBossiere immediately tended to DiMuro and, after a short time, escorted the umpire off the field.

The game was delayed 11 minutes. When play resumed, first-base umpire Andy Fletcher replaced DiMuro behind the plate, third base umpire Derryl Cousins moved to second, and second-base umpire Joe Brinkman took over at first.

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