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All-Stars by team
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07/06/2003 10:59 PM ET 
All-Stars by team
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BLUE JAYS: (3) Carlos Delgado, 1B, (Fan Voting/Starter), Roy Halladay, P, and Vernon Wells, OF (Players' Ballot)

DEVIL RAYS: (1) Lance Carter, P (Manager/MLB)

ORIOLES: (1) Melvin Mora, 2B (Players' Ballot)

RED SOX: (3) x - Manny Ramirez, OF (Fan Voting/Starter), Nomar Garciaparra, SS (Players' Ballot), Jason Varitek, C (etopps Final Vote)

YANKEES: (5) Hideki Matsui, OF, Jorge Posada, C, and Alfonso Soriano, 2B (Fan Voting/Starters), Jason Giambi***, 1B (Manager/MLB), Roger Clemens*****, P, (Manager/MLB)


INDIANS: (1) C.C. Sabathia, P (Manager/MLB)

ROYALS: (2) x - Mike Sweeney, 1B (Players' Ballot), Mike MacDougal, P (Manager/MLB)

TIGERS: (1) Dmitri Young, 1B (Manager/MLB)

TWINS: (1) Eddie Guardado, P (Players' Ballot)

WHITE SOX: (3) Carl Everett, DH (Players' Ballot), Esteban Loaiza, P (Players' Ballot), Magglio Ordonez****, OF (Manager/MLB)


ANGELS: (3) Troy Glaus, 3B (Fan Voting/Starter), Garret Anderson, OF, and Brendan Donnelly, P (Players' Ballot)

ATHLETICS: (4) Keith Foulke, P, Ramon Hernandez, C, Mark Mulder, P, and Barry Zito - xx, P (Players' Ballot)

MARINERS: (5) Edgar Martinez, DH, and Ichiro Suzuki, OF (Fan Voting/Starters), Bret Boone, 2B, and Jamie Moyer, P (Players' Ballot), Shigetoshi Hasegawa, P (Manager/MLB)

RANGERS: (2) Alex Rodriguez, SS (Fan Voting/Starter), Hank Blalock, 3B (Players' Ballot)

*** Giambi is a replacement for Sweeney, who currently is on the Disabled List
**** Ordonez is a replacement for Ramirez, who is injured and will not play.
***** Clemens is a replacement for Zito, who will not be available to pitch in the All-Star Game.
x - injured, will not play
xx - Zito will not be available after pitching eight shutout innings on Sunday.



BRAVES: (7) x - Marcus Giles, 2B, Javy Lopez, C, and Gary Sheffield, OF (Fan Voting/Starters), Rafael Furcal, SS, Andruw Jones, OF, and John Smoltz, P (Players' Ballot), Russ Ortiz, P (Manager/MLB)

EXPOS: (1) Jose Vidro, 2B (Players' Ballot)

MARLINS: (3) Mike Lowell, 3B (Players' Ballot), Dontrelle Willis *, P (Manager/MLB), Luis Castillo*****, 2B (Manager/MLB)

METS: (1) Armando Benitez, P (Manager/MLB)

PHILLIES: (1) Randy Wolf, P (Manager/MLB)


ASTROS: (1) Billy Wagner, P (Players' Ballot)

BREWERS: (2) Richie Sexson, 1B (Players' Ballot), Geoff Jenkins, OF (etopps Final Vote)

CARDINALS: (5) Albert Pujols, OF, Edgar Renteria, SS, and Scott Rolen, 3B (Fan Voting/Starters), Jim Edmonds, OF, and Woody Williams, P (Players' Ballot)

CUBS: (2) Mark Prior, P (Players' Ballot), Kerry Wood *, P (Manager/MLB)

PIRATES: (1) Mike Williams, P (Manager/MLB)

REDS: (1) Aaron Boone, 3B (Manager/MLB)


DIAMONDBACKS: (1) Luis Gonzalez, OF (Manager/MLB)

DODGERS: (3) x- Kevin Brown, P, Paul Lo Duca, C, and Eric Gagne, P (Players' Ballot)

GIANTS: (2) Barry Bonds, OF (Fan Voting/Starter), Jason Schmidt, P (Players' Ballot)

PADRES: (1) Rondell White, OF (Manager/MLB)

ROCKIES: (3) Todd Helton, 1B (Fan Voting/Starter), x- Shawn Chacon, P (Players' Ballot), and Preston Wilson, OF (Players' Ballot)

* Wood is a replacement for Chacon, who currently is on the Disabled List
** Willis is a replacement for Brown, who currently is on the Disabled List
***** Castillo is a replacement for Giles, who is injured and will not play
x - injured, will not play

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