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Batting Around: Kimmel & Carolla
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07/13/2003 10:12 PM ET 
Batting Around: Kimmel & Carolla
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Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla were on opposite teams for the the RadioShack All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game. (Amy Sternig/ caught up with TV personalities Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla just before the first pitch of the RadioShack All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game on Sunday evening. Kimmel, creator and host of the aptly named "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and Carolla, well-known for his exploits on "The Man Show" and co-host of the popular "Love Line" radio show, are good buddies, but put their friendship aside as they squared off for separate teams. The pair weighed in on a variety of subjects including charging the mound, altered bats, misspelled names and low viewership as the All-Star festivities kicked off. Major League Baseball's theme for the 2003 All-Star Game is "This time it counts." Do you feel the same way about the celebrity softball game?

Kimmel: I understand the winner of this softball game will determine which team Shannon Elizabeth plays on next year. Are you upset they did not choose the Legends and Celebrity Softball Game as the contest that would decide who will have home-field advantage for the World Series?

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Kimmel: I am upset they chose the regular game. But I guess they know what they're doing better than I do. Is there any truth to the rumor there's an illegal substance in your bat tonight?

Kimmel: There's an illegal substance in my luggage, but not in my bat.

Carolla: It's actually not cork, it's got a twist-off. It's part bat, part flask. Who told you that -- Jimmy? It's Jimmy. Regardless of the bat and its contents, do you think you could pop one out of here?

Carolla: I think that I can. I was looking at it, and I think it's just about my range. If I can get up there four or five times, I can do it. If I got it right and the wind wasn't blowing in, I might get it. The one time I won't might be with that sponge ball -- that thing's not going anywhere. Now, they can only have one water boy. Since both you and Adam are taking part, will they have to flip a coin to see which of you will get the honor?

Kimmel: Oh no, make no mistake about it -- I came to play. And God help anyone who gets in my way. You know you're in bad shape when they misspell your name on the back of the jersey at the celebrity softball game.

Carolla: Yeah, well I am the Rodney Dangerfield of celebrity baseball participants. When you guys volunteered for this event, they canceled the celebrity Home Run Derby and instead decided a celebrity Bunting Derby would be the best way to go. Do you agree with that?

Kimmel: I am an excellent bunter. I can lay it down with the best of them. If Jack McDowell comes inside with a pitch to you, are you charging the mound?

Kimmel: I may charge the mound anyway. I just like to charge the mound. And McDowell is wearing Doc Martens with his uniform so I don't think he's going to have a lot of traction. So it's the bottom of the ninth, two outs, bases loaded; who would you rather have at the plate -- Jimmy Kimmel or "Love Line" co-host Dr. Drew?

Carolla: They both suck. But I'll say Jimmy. He's better than Drew. Drew's really bad. He looks good, but he's bad.

Amy Sternig is an editorial producer for This story was not subject to approval by Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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