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Dusty Baker's postgame comments
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07/16/2003 12:16 AM ET 
Dusty Baker's postgame comments
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Q: Unusual to see [Eric] Gagne have an inning like that?

Dusty Baker: Yeah, it is. We haven't seen that, and against some pretty good hitters; he's a great pitcher. Any time you go out there and you have a three-run lead late in the game and you have [Billy] Wagner and Gagne and then [John] Smoltz, their bats came alive. I've never seen Gagne get hit like that.

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Q: With all of the talent you had, it resembled a recent Chicago Cubs game?

Baker: Yeah, I guess it did. It resembled that game. We had some characters in there, but we had some All-Stars in there. These guys are All-Stars on both sides of the plate. It was a tough loss for us to see Eric Gagne get hit like that. Like I said, they have some All-Stars over there and they hit some pretty good pitches, even like [Nomar] Garciaparra's at-bat, most of those guys miss those pitches and you see why these guys are truly All-Stars.

Q: Had you ever had so much leading up to this game about the intensity, the strategy? It looked to be like a very well-played ballgame. Could you comment on the quality of play for both sides this evening?

Baker: Well, the quality of play was excellent. You could tell in batting practice, the guys' approaches to hitting. You could tell the pitchers; you could tell how [Mike] Scioscia used his pitchers and how I used mine. It was a well-played game. They had some big hitters that hit the ball out of the ballpark. Especially when you see Jason Giambi hit one off Wagner; that's rare, especially when a left-hander hits it. Like I said, those guys are quality guys, just like our guys. It's a well-played ballgame. The two-run homer -- other than that, it was a very, very well-played ballgame. America got their money's worth. I'm not crazy about the outcome, even though it was a game to watch and a great game to manage.

Q: So much of this was built on, "This Time It Counts," and now the National League will only have these three World Series games in their park. What are your feelings on how it ended?

Baker: How it ended is not exactly how I wished for the National League. But it is what it is. And these guys are playing hard no matter what was at stake. We realize and recognize what was put on us and the stakes that were there, but these guys, I'm sure they would have played the same way if it was a pick-up sandlot game someplace. These guys have a lot of pride and a lot of ability and they work hard day in and day out to get where they are.

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