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Own Cubs' NLCS Game 2 win
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10/05/2003 11:59 PM ET 
Own Cubs' NLCS Game 2 win
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  • Download Games 1 & 2 of the Cubs-Marlins NLCS

    There is something to be said for "leaving it in the past," as Chicago Cubs manager Dusty Baker told his players when he met with them for the first time at the last Spring Training. But now that they have moved within three wins of a trip to the World Series and left some of that "wait'll next year" history in the past, any Cubs fan with a high-speed connection can make sure that he or she does not leave any of this year's exciting postseason action in the past.'s exclusive Digital Download Service allows you to own Game 2 of the NLCS -- a 12-3 Cubs romp that evened the series with Florida at a game apiece.

    For just $3.95, you can put in your order right now and download the full broadcast onto your hard drive 24 hours after the final out.

    You can also download Chicago's 5-1, Game 5, National League Division Series clincher in Atlanta, and watch Baker's Cubs burst onto the field in celebration of their first postseason series win since 1908.

    Order any game from the Cubs' NLDS series -- as well as any of the other NL Championship Series games against Florida -- and then download it for posterity. Burn it onto a CD for optional storage. Watch it at the office, on an airplane, anywhere you can to reassure yourself that what you saw really happened. Next year is here for Cub faithful, and it can stay with you as long as you want for personal use.

    File sizes for Digital Download Service broadcasts range between 400-600MB, and a typical game runs about two hours with commercials removed between innings. The RealVideo file will take approximately 40 minutes to download from a broadband connection (DSL may take longer).

    Relive another huge performance by Cubs Game 5 starter Kerry Wood, and for another $3.95 you can own his Game 1 heroics as well. In fact, you can even build your own personal Kerry Wood video library right now.'s exclusive Baseball's Bestlibrary now is making many of its classic broadcasts available for you to download, and that includes that 1998 20-strikeout masterpiece when Wood was just a rookie. You also can download the Cubs' previous clincher that put them into this 2003 postseason.

    The Digital Download Service is one of the many exclusive video products and services available at through this postseason. Visit's Video Central for a menu of choices, and get access to even more exclusive products with subscription packages such as Total Ticket, Fantasy Ticket and Broadband.

  • Download the Cubs' NLDS clincher now

    Mark Newman is a writer for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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