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NLCS records set/tied
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10/16/2003 12:46 AM ET 
NLCS records set/tied
Florida Marlins at Chicago Cubs, 2003
tickets for any Major League Baseball game
Most Plate Appearances, Series, 36, Juan Pierre
Most Runs, Series, 9, Miguel Cabrera
Most Hits, Game, 4, Kenny Lofton (Game Two)
Most Singles, Game, 4, Kenny Lofton (Game Two)
Most Singles, Series, 9, Kenny Lofton
Most Triples, Series, 2, Juan Pierre
Most Grand Slams, 1, Aramis Ramirez (Game Four)
Most Home Runs By Pinch Hitter, Game, 1, Mike Lowell (Game One), Troy O'Leary (Game Seven)
Most RBI, Inning, 4, Aramis Ramirez (Game Four)
Most RBI, Game, 6, Aramis Ramirez (Game Four)
Most RBI, Series, 10, Pudge Rodriguez
Most Caught Stealing, Series, 3, Juan Pierre

Most At Bats, Series, 256, Florida
Most At Bats, Series, Both Clubs, 508, Florida & Chicago
Most Extra Base Hits, Both Clubs, Series, 52, Florida & Chicago
Most Total Bases, Series, 122, Chicago
Most Runs, Both Clubs, Series, 82, Florida & Chicago
Most Hits, Series, Both Clubs, 133, Florida & Chicago
Most Triples by both Clubs, Game, 4, Florida-Chicago (Game One)
Most Triples, Inning, 2, Chicago (Game One)
Most Triples, Series, Both Clubs, 7, Florida-Chicago
Most Home Runs, Series, 10, Chicago
Most Home Runs, Series, Both Clubs, 19, Florida-Chicago
Most Home Runs By Both Clubs, Game, 7, Florida-Chicago (Game One)
Most Home Runs, Inning, 3, Florida (Game One)
Most Grand Slams, Game, 1, Chicago (Game Four)
Most Consecutive Home Runs, Inning, 2, Florida (Game One)
Most Sacrifice Hits, Game, 3, Chicago (Game Three)
Most Sacrifice Hits, Game, Both Clubs, 5, Florida-Chicago (Game Three)
Most Extra Base Hits, Game, 9, Chicago (Game One)
Most Extra Base Hits By Both Clubs, Game, 17, Florida-Chicago (Game One)
Most Total Bases, Game, Both Clubs, 60, Florida-Chicago (Game One)
Most Total Bases, Series, Both Clubs, 238, Florida-Chicago
Most RBI, Inning, 8, Florida (Game Six)
Most RBI, Game, Both Clubs, 17, Florida-Chicago (Game One)
Most RBI, Series, Both Clubs, 80, Florida-Chicago
Most Pinch Hitters, Both Clubs, Game, 7, Florida-Chicago (Game Two)
Most Strikeouts, 57, Chicago

Most Triples Allowed, Inning, 2, Josh Beckett (Game One)
Most Home Runs Allowed, Game, 3, Carlos Zambrano (Game One)
Most Home Runs Allowed, Inning, 3, Carlos Zambrano (Game One)

Most Innings Pitched, Series, Club, 66.0, Florida & Chicago
Most Innings Pitched, Both Clubs, Series, 132.0, Florida & Chicago
Most Earned Runs, Both Clubs, Series, 73, Florida & Chicago
Most Wild Pitches, Both Clubs, Series, 7, Florida-Chicago

Second Baseman, Putouts, Series, 20, Mark Grudzielanek
Second Baseman, Errors, Series, 2, Mark Grudzielanek
Shortstop, Assists, Series, 26, Florida's Alex Gonazlez
Outfielder, Putouts, Series, 26, Kenny Lofton
Catcher, Passed Balls, Series, 2, Paul Bako

Most Pitchers, Series, 11, Florida
Most Pitchers, Both Clubs, Series, 21, Florida and Chicago
Most Players, Club, 25, Florida
Largest Attendance, Game, 65,829, Florida (Game Four)

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