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Download and own Game 5
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10/24/2003 12:30 AM ET 
Download and own Game 5
tickets for any Major League Baseball game
  • Download Game 5 of the World Series

    Thanks to the pitching of Brad Penny and timely hitting against the Yankees bullpen, the Marlins are a win away from clinching a World Series title.

    That makes Game 5 another keeper for Marlins fans, a game they would love to relive over again. And, thanks to, they can.

    That's because you can own this game, or any game in the World Series and League Championship Series, and download it to your computer.'s new and exclusive Digital Download Service lets you do just that. For just $3.95, you can order Game 5 or any other World Series game at $3.95 per game.

    The Digital Download Service makes it easy to do. File sizes range between 400-600 MB, and a typical game runs about two hours with commercials removed between innings. The RealVideo file will take approximately 40 minutes to download from a broadband connection (DSL may take longer).

    If you are doing this for the first time, then this could the beginning of your very own video library that mixes any 2003 postseason game you choose with some blasts from the past.'s exclusive Baseball's Best library now is making many of its classic broadcasts available for you to download.

    The Digital Download Service is one of the many exclusive video products and services available at through this postseason. Visit's Video Central for a menu of choices, and get access to even more exclusive products with subscription packages such as Total Ticket, Fantasy Ticket and Broadband.

    This story was not subject to approval by Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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