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Quotable: Players, managers, GMs
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02/15/2004 11:58 PM ET
Quotable: Players, managers, GMs
What people around baseball are saying about A-Rod
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Players:  Andy Pettitte, HOU  /  Derek Lowe, BOS  /  David Eckstein, ANA
Aaron Sele, ANA  /  Ray King, STL  /  Randy Winn, SEA  /  Ryan Franklin, SEA
Chris Widger, STL  /  Rafael Palmeiro, BAL  /  Dan Smith, MON
Doug Glanville, PHI  /  Barry Zito, OAK  /  Todd Van Poppel, CIN

Officials:  Tommy Lasorda, LA  /  Brian Sabean, SF  /  Muzzy Jackson, KC  /  Doug Melvin, MIL  /  Tony Tavares, MON  /  David Samson, FLA  /  Paul Godfrey, TOR  /  Kevin Towers, SD  /  Joe Garagiola Jr., ARI  /  Paul Dolan, CLE

 Andy Pettitte, Astros pitcher 
"That's unbelievable. The Yankees aren't afraid to spend money and Mr. Steinbrenner is not afraid to open it up and to do things there. They were going to have an awesome team anyway, but you put him (Rodriguez) in the lineup and obviously it's going to be very exciting in New York to be a Yankee fan up there. Every year, with the Yankees, you're geared up to win the World Series and if you didn't, it was considered a failure. I'm sure they're sitting in the same boat up there and feel the same way this year."

 Derek Lowe, Red Sox pitcher 
"I'm thinking, Aaron Boone's done it to us twice in four months. The first time with that homer in the playoffs. Now him getting hurt opened the door for Rodriguez ... I thought, with the moves we made this offseason, we had moved ahead of them (the Yankees) a little bit. This evens the playing field, but there's nothing wrong with that."

 Lou Piniella, Devil Rays manager 
"I was fortunate to have him in Seattle. He's a horse. He's going to make any team better. I just wonder why, with all the names bandied about, they all have to end up in the AL East. Once Boonie got hurt, you kind of expected them (the Yankees) to go out and do something. They always do. You have to give them credit for it. I don't think (Steinbrenner) worries about matching what the Red Sox do. I think he just tries to put the best team on the field that he can."

 Ron Gardenhire, Twins manager 
"I guess anytime you can get a player like Alex Rodriguez and have the wherewithal to do it ... it's a great trade for the Yankees. They got rid of a good one but when you can get someone like A-Rod, I guess you do it. They lost their third baseman, and Mr. Steinbrenner wasn't going to let that go. He fills holes whenever he has them and he went and filled it. (When I heard about the trade) I just said, 'Wow'. I'm glad we only play them (six) times this year."

 Lloyd McClendon, Pirates manager 
"It's certainly shocking news. To say the Yankees have done it again would be an understatement. He's (Rodriguez) proven that he is the best player in the game."

 Tommy Lasorda, Dodgers official 
"Boy, Steinbrenner really wants to beat the Red Sox bad."

 David Eckstein, Angels shortstop 
"It doesn't really surprise me. Alex is such a great player and anybody who's got an opportunity to get him, I'm sure they're going to try. With what happened to Aaron Boone, which was just a freak thing, they went out and got one of the best replacements you can. It's what the Yankees do, but it's just another challenge."

 Aaron Sele, Angels pitcher 
"(How great is this Yankees lineup now?) You know, there's a lot of good lineups in the Major Leagues, and you just have to go out, make your pitches and let your defense work. Obviously, there are some lineups that you can't afford to make a mistake to, and that's just one of those lineups. It always has been."

 Ray King, Cardinals pitcher 
"It's a situation where Boston and New York were playing a game of tic-tac-toe. If you are a player, a fan or a manager in the game today, I think New York just got three X's in a row -- picking up probably the best player all-around in the game right now. It's not gonna be a bad lineup. If some guys can put up half the numbers they did last year, I don't see a weak link in there. But the Yankees, you can have nine guys in the lineup who hit .300 with 60 home runs, but come playoff time, good pitching stops good hitting -- as you saw with the Marlins. You look at every series, whatever team pitches, the best will usually win."

 Brian Sabean, Giants GM 
"The rich do get richer. But a $200 million payroll? They're playing by the rules, but there are no rules about free spending."

 Bob Melvin, Mariners manager 
"If the Yankees were trying to find a way get under the Red Sox's skin, they found it. (Rodriguez) is out of our division, which is good, but we'll see what it might mean to the playoffs. You kind of hate to see two teams going after each other way those teams are. I am not sure it's great for baseball in the long run."

 Randy Winn, Mariners outfielder 
"The Yankees gave up a real good player in (Alfonso) Soriano to get him (Rodriguez), but it makes the Yankees that much tougher. With the addition of Alex and (Gary) Sheffield, you are adding a lot of home runs and high average right in the middle of the lineup. It seems like the Red Sox and Yankees have been competing against each other this offseason. The Red Sox missed out on Alex and the Yankees one-upped them."

 Bryan Price, Mariners pitching coach 
true "It certainly makes the Yankees an even more formidable team. They are in a tough division and there is going to be a lot of banging in that division. The good thing for us is it takes Alex out of our division. We have to do our job to win the division, but with what the Red Sox and Yankees have done, it could be tougher to win the Wild Card. ... You can't win a World Series before you get to the postseason and things happen over course of a year."

 Ryan Franklin, Mariners pitcher 
"Heck, I have had a harder time getting Soriano out than A-Rod, but Alex can hurt you a lot worse with the longball. I knew the Yankees were going to do something. They can't let the Red Sox outdo them. That's why they have 26 World Series championships. I guess it is good for baseball, but I feel sorry for Texas fans. Losing Alex is even worse for them down there."

 Muzzy Jackson, Royals assistant GM  
"It seems like both clubs accomplished their objective. It's obviously a tremendous move for the Yankees to get a player like A-Rod, who can change a game offensively or defensively. And Texas adds a very fine player in Alfonso Soriano while getting the payroll flexibility that will enable them to do other things down the line. From our perspective, I'm just glad A-Rod didn't wind up in the American League Central."

 Ozzie Guillen, White Sox manager 
"I was a little surprised by the trade, but then again, it's coming from George Steinbrenner. He wants to be the best team and he has the money so I respect that. But nobody wins games with the lineup on paper. You still have to get it done on the field."

 Chris Widger, Cardinals catcher 
"I can't blame the Yankees for getting arguably the best player in all of baseball. If I was Brian Cashman or Steinbrenner, I would have done the same thing if I could have afforded it. It is just a shame for the rest of baseball. You look at the Yankees and they basically look like an All-Star team. But you never know. You still have to play 162 games and then the playoffs. Anything can happen as we saw last year, and I for one am not ready to hand over the World Series to them just because they spent the most money and signed the biggest names. There is more to winning in baseball than names on paper and spending money.

"Alex is a great player for the team and the organization. I saw him come up from when he signed to when he broke in to the big leagues. He is also very professional in everything he does. It says something about him that his role model is Cal (Ripken) Jr."

 Rafael Palmeiro, Orioles first baseman 
"I think it's great for Alex. He is going to have a chance to play in an organization that is ready to win and in an organization with lot of history and support. It's the premiere organization in baseball and I think it's a great move for him. I'm very happy for Alex."

 Dan Smith, Expos pitcher  
"When they were talking about A-Rod to Boston, that was almost tolerable because it was like a swap -- Manny Ramirez for Alex Rodriguez. In this scenario, you look at the Yankee lineup, it's like an All-Star team. I have to believe the Yankees are the favorites (to win the World Series)."

 Doug Melvin, Brewers GM 
"(I was) not totally surprised. I got a sense from talking to certain people there that it wasn't the marriage they thought it would be. I think (Rodriguez) got impatient about losing. When I hear people say that they couldn't put a winning team together because of his contract, I don't buy that. They were up there at $80 million, and the plan was to build a young team with A-Rod as the big ticket. That did not happen.

"It does make the Yankees a powerhouse. Over a Major League season -- 162 games -- they are certainly not unbeatable, but it looks like that have a very high probability of getting to the playoffs. But in a short series, they could lose. That's why the last three World Series winners are the Diamondbacks, Angels and Marlins. You don't know what can happen in a short playoff series.

"I think there might be some disappointment in Baltimore and Toronto, places where they spent a little more money and maybe thought they had an outside chance. It's going to be tough.

"Nobody's talking about Soriano in this deal. This guy's got some pretty impressive numbers. Defensively he is not as good (as Rodriguez), but he is a good young player."

 Tony Tavares, Expos president  
"From my perspective, I don't criticize the Yankees. The Yankees went in and operated within the rules. If you are going to criticize this move, you have to criticize Boston's ability to go out and spend the kind of money they are spending. It goes on and on. There's an argument that should be made from a standpoint of disparity.

"There are a lot of teams out there that are spending a lot of money right now on players. They are entitled to do this. They are operating within the rules. You shouldn't focus on George (Steinbrenner) alone. Focus on what's broke within the system, and that is people who are operating within the rules of baseball can go out and attempt to buy the championship."

 David Samson, Marlins president  
"That's the definition of sports. One or two teams are made out to be the probable winners. That's what we love. The Yankees are no different than they were 10 years ago. They are looked at as the prohibitive favorite, and they are. Then you wait to see if they can win the World Series. I don't think the Marlins are going to be scared to play them in the World Series, if we are fortunate enough to get there. We would suit up our best nine and they would suit up theirs, and we'd see what happens. Pennants are not won in February.

"If fans think we're less likely to defend our title than we were two days ago, I think that's an incorrect statement. This does not at all affect our ability to be competitive.

"With the Marlins, we have to have contracts that are manageable. And we have to have players outperform their contract. A-Rod is a great player. But there is no way to outperform that contract.

"It's clear teams are trying to get their finances in order. As good as A-Rod is, he's not going to get a hit 6 1/2 times out of 10 at-bats."

 Paul Godfrey, Blue Jays president and CEO  
"Alex Rodriguez has played on teams with great hitting. Nobody can question the team he played on with Ken Griffey Jr., John Olerud and all the other stars. They didn't win, and they even had Randy Johnson. Then he moved over to the Texas Rangers, and they had unbelievable hitting. They had Rafael Palmeiro and Juan Gonzalez in the lineup, they had (Ivan) Pudge Rodriguez. And they didn't win -- they were in last place. Now he's going to a team where the dressing room is going to have 25 egos -- and big egos. That team didn't win last year, or the year before, or the year before that. It's a huge mistake to think you can automatically give it to them."

 Doug Glanville, Phillies center fielder  
"I played with Alex (in Texas) and he's a great player. He the type of guy who will thrive in that big market. I think he's at the point in his career where he wants to be on a winner, and he's putting that first.

"There's an aspect that's good (for baseball). Wherever you go (in the world), people know who the Yankees are. ... At the same time, you want to make sure there's a competitive balance, and that's hard to do.

"Obviously the Yankees have set the mark in terms of their ability to buy players, and Steinbrenner has set that bar high. They seem to be able to reload every year. ... The Yankees are good for baseball. He's (Steinbrenner) still going to have to pay a luxury (tax), and help out other teams that way. I'm not saying there aren't disadvantages, and that it might come into play later. ... He's paying the price for getting the best players available. George is George. The game will always find ways to reset itself. I don't know if there's a so-called way to create balance in baseball. We'll see how it plays out. George is always going to do whatever it takes to reload."

 Kevin Towers, Padres GM  
"(The Yankees are) a lot better ballclub today than they were yesterday. We've all known what they're able to do, and with Boone being injured and Drew Henson retired, this deal makes a lot of sense. It's a good deal for the Yankees. They just freed up some money with Boone and Henson, and given what they have from a financial standpoint, they're the only club that could have pulled off a deal like this. This shouldn't come as a surprise. It sounds like they're getting a better deal than what the Red Sox were going to get.

"(From the Texas perspective) It goes to show that not any one player can turn a franchise around; you still have to build with other players. (The Rangers) had some injuries and they didn't have the flexibility to work around the big contract they had given to A-Rod. He's (A-Rod), not just one of the best hitters today, he might be one of the best hitters of all-time."

 Barry Zito, A's Pitcher  
"That's fine with me. Just put all the superstars on one team. Then I only have to worry about 'em a couple of times a year instead of them being spaced out all over the league and having to worry about it all the time."

 Joe Garagiola Jr., Diamondbacks GM  
"My reaction is never underestimate the New York Yankees. What the Yankees put their minds to, they seem to accomplish. They have tremendous resources, no question, but they have some pretty smart people there too."

 Paul Dolan, Indians president  
"The Alex Rodriguez/Yankees deal is the latest exhibit in the ever-growing and overwhelming body of evidence that Major League Baseball needs fair and balanced controls on team payrolls. Such controls on payroll will bring economic balance to the game and will allow fans and players across the country to reasonably believe their team has a chance to win it all."

 Todd Van Poppel, Reds pitcher  
"(It's good) if it helps the Rangers financially get where they need to go. I know the market has really changed in baseball. If it helps them to become winners, I think it's a good trade. I think it's gonna be good for baseball, but you have to wait and see how it plays out down the road. I'm still a big Ranger fan from growing up there and I hope they get that organization turned around and win. I think they're going in the right direction with Mr. Hicks and Buck (Showalter) is a good man. I think they're gonna get it done."

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