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Torre names Tosca, Pena to ASG
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06/23/2004  8:25 PM ET
Torre names Tosca, Pena to ASG
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Besides managing the American League six times, Joe Torre played in nine games for the NL and was an AL coach in 1998. (Julie Jacobson/AP)
BALTIMORE -- New York Yankees manager Joe Torre, who will manage the American League All-Stars next month in Houston, named managers Carlos Tosca of the Toronto Blue Jays and Tony Pena of the Kansas City Royals as his two coaches.

Torre, who will be managing the AL for the sixth time in the last eight years was happy to add Tosca and Pena to his staff.

"I've been lucky. I've managed the All-Star Game a number of times, and I like to spread it around. It's an honor, and I've had that response from all the coaches I've asked," Torre said.

It will be the first All-Star appearance for Tosca.

"It's certainly a tremendous honor. Those are the things you dream about, but most of the time they're not going to happen unless you win a championship," Tosca said. "To be going there representing us, and to be a part of Joe Torre's staff, I'm really numb right now."

"He talked to me in Spring Training and asked me if I'd be interested in going," he said. "Of course, my reply was, 'Yes, I'd be very interested in going.'"

Besides managing the American League six times, Torre played in nine games for the National League and was an American League coach in 1998, when Cleveland's Mike Hargrove asked him.

"It's a nice couple of days. All-Star Games are great. It's something to be proud of," Torre said.

"I'm just going to enjoy myself while I'm there," Tosca said.

Pena was an All-Star five times as a player, but this will be his first one as a coach.

"It's nice. Any time you get chosen to go to the All-Star Game, it's an honor," Pena said.

"When Joe asked me about it, I told him it's an honor to participate. I did it as a player five times and, as a manager, for somebody to pick me out is big for me."

Torre has also asked Yankees coaches Don Mattingly, Rich Monteleone, Willie Randolph, Luis Sojo, Mel Stottlemyre and Roy White to join him for the July 13 game.

Rich Dubroff is a contributor to This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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