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NL All-Star balloting update
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06/28/2004  4:00 PM ET
NL All-Star balloting update
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Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Piazza, M.Mets1,613,390
2. Ausmus, B.Astros902,888
3. Lo Duca, P.Dodgers633,862
4. Barrett, M.Cubs524,296
5. Estrada, J.Braves454,019

1st Base
Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Pujols, A.Cardinals1,533,898
2. Bagwell, J.Astros1,226,637
3. Casey, S.Reds711,488
4. Thome, J.Phillies667,214
5. Lee, D.Cubs485,282

2nd Base
Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Kent, J.Astros1,825,661
2. Castillo, L.Marlins595,109
3. Giles, M.Braves556,800
4. Alomar, R.Diamondbacks431,557
5. Womack, T.Cardinals409,603

Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Renteria, E.Cardinals986,688
2. Everett, A.Astros986,682
3. Matsui, K.Mets843,265
4. Larkin, B.Reds607,351
5. Wilson, J.Pirates486,911

3rd Base
Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Rolen, S.Cardinals1,811,831
2. Ramirez, A.Cubs801,355
3. Ensberg, M.Astros669,187
4. Lowell, M.Marlins653,342
5. Beltre, A.Dodgers460,305

Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Bonds, B.Giants2,028,148
2. Griffey Jr., K.Reds1,864,669
3. Sosa, S.Cubs1,545,356
4. Berkman, L.Astros1,241,467
5. Biggio, C.Astros1,062,737
6. Alou, M.Cubs922,262
7. Beltran, C.Astros879,796
8. Hidalgo, R.Mets725,894
9. Edmonds, J.Cardinals712,667
10. Cabrera, M.Marlins596,395
11. Dunn, A.Reds578,117
12. Jones, A.Braves462,355
13. Pierre, J.Marlins430,208
14. Abreu, B.Phillies409,688
15. Patterson, C.Cubs355,608

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