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All-Star Game Rosters: By Team
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07/04/2004  7:00 PM ET
All-Star Game Rosters: By Team
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AL:  East  |  Central  |  West     NL:  East  |  Central  |  West
ALAmerican League
BLUE JAYS (1): Ted Lilly, P***
DEVIL RAYS (1): Carl Crawford, OF**
ORIOLES (1): Miguel Tejada, SS***
RED SOX (3): David Ortiz, 1B**; Manny Ramirez, OF*; Curt Schilling, P**°
YANKEES (8): Jason Giambi, 1B*; Tom Gordon, P***; Derek Jeter, SS*; Hideki Matsui, OF#; Mariano Rivera**; Alex Rodriguez, 3B*; Gary Sheffield, OF**; Javier Vazquez, P°°
INDIANS (5): Ronnie Belliard, 2B**; Matt Lawton, OF**; Victor Martinez, C**; C.C. Sabathia, P**; Jake Westbrook, P°°
ROYALS (1): Ken Harvey, 1B***
TIGERS (2): Carlos Guillen, SS***; Ivan Rodriguez, C*
TWINS (1): Joe Nathan, P***
WHITE SOX (1): Esteban Loaiza, P***
ANGELS (2): Vladimir Guerrero, OF*; Francisco Rodriguez, P**
ATHLETICS (2): Tim Hudson, P**°; Mark Mulder, P**
MARINERS (1): Ichiro Suzuki, OF*
RANGERS (5): Hank Blalock, 3B**; Francisco Cordero, P**; Kenny Rogers, P**; Alfonso Soriano, 2B*; Michael Young, SS**

ALNational League
BRAVES (1): Johnny Estrada, C**
EXPOS (1): Livan Hernandez, P***
MARLINS (4): Armando Benitez, P**; Miguel Cabrera, OF**; Mike Lowell, 3B**; Carl Pavano, P***
METS (2): Tom Glavine, P**; Mike Piazza, C*
PHILLIES (2): Bobby Abreu, OF#; Jim Thome, 1B***
ASTROS (4): Carlos Beltran, OF**°°; Lance Berkman, OF**; Roger Clemens, P**; Jeff Kent, 2B*
BREWERS (2): Danny Kolb, P***; Ben Sheets, P***
CARDINALS (3): Albert Pujols, 1B*; Edgar Renteria, SS*; Scott Rolen, 3B*
CUBS (3): Moises Alou, OF**; Sammy Sosa, OF*; Carlos Zambrano, P**;
PIRATES (1): Jack Wilson, SS***
REDS (4): Sean Casey, 1B**°; Danny Graves, P**; Ken Griffey, OF*°; Barry Larkin***
DIAMONDBACKS (1): Randy Johnson, P**
DODGERS (2): Eric Gagne, P**; Paul Lo Duca, C°°
GIANTS (2): Barry Bonds, OF*; Jason Schmidt, P**
PADRES (1): Mark Loretta, 2B**
ROCKIES (1): Todd Helton, 1B***
*  Fan Vote
**  Player Ballot
***  Managers/MLB Selection
°  Injured, will not participate
°°  Named as replacement
#  Final Vote Selection

This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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