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Q&A with World Futures All-Stars
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07/11/2004  5:47 PM ET
Q&A with World Futures All-Stars
Players answer your e-mails live from the dugout
tickets for any Major League Baseball game offered fans the opportunity to e-mail the 2004 Futures Game players and coaches. Here's what they had to say in response to your questions. You overwhelmed us with your questions and we did our best to get as many answered as possible.

Jario Garcia (Athletics), RHP -- World
I've heard reports that you can touch 100 mph on the radar gun. True? Is that something you think about on the mound? -- John, Oakland, Calif.
I can throw it [at] 100. But I don't think about that on the mound. I'm trying to concentrate on my control and making my pitches. I can throw it when I have to, but I'm more than just a hard-thrower.

Jeff Francis (Rockies), LHP -- World
You're on the top of the list of new outstanding Canadian prospects. To what extent has the sport gained popularity in Canada? -- Michael Boykin, Taylorsville, Miss.
The sport is growing and growing at home. I'm real proud to be a part of it, and I think in a way I'm kind of a role model.

Justin Morneau (Twins), 1B-- World
The Twins have won the AL Central the past two years, making it difficult for all the Twins' young hitters to crack the big leagues. Has it been difficult to wait your turn? Is next year the year for you? -- Josh, Eden Prairie, Minn.
What has made this year easier is knowing that I'm going to the Olympics. I have something to look forward to. Hopefully I will get a callup in September, but I know if I wasn't going to the Olympics, it would be more difficult for me.

Fausto Carmona (Twins), RHP -- World
You really burst on the scene last year and have become one of the Indians "untouchables." Now that you're up at AA Akron, do you think you might reach Cleveland next year? -- Jim, Akron, Ohio
I can't wait to play in the big leagues, but that's not my decision. My job is to keep working hard so they can make a decision on me.

Arnie Munoz (White Sox), LHP -- World
You've dominated in the minors and recently you had your first taste of the big leagues. What did you learn from your start against Montreal? -- Eddie, Chicago, Ill.
It was a beautiful experience, but I was a little nervous. I'm glad they gave me the opportunity to start. I've been a reliever for five years. What I learned is that hitters are tough. You have to hit your spots and keep away from the middle of the plate. Big-league hitters take advantage of mistakes.

Andy Marte (Braves), 3B-- World
The Braves have been hurting at third base this season. Since you're their top prospect, when do you see yourself filling that gap for them on the field? -- Michael Boykin, Taylorsville, Miss.
I know the organization supports me very much. I'm young, and they told me if I keep working hard, I will get the opportunity. I know I'll get a chance.

Joel Guzman (Dodgers), SS -- World
I saw you play during Spring Training and couldn't help but notice how tall you are. My question is, do you think you'll stay at shortstop for the rest of your career or will you change positions and maybe go to third base or the outfield? -- Jared
It depends. I love playing shortstop. I'm very comfortable playing shortstop. If the organization wants me to change, I will change. If I can make it to the big leagues faster at a different position, I'll do it.

Felix Hernandez (Mariners), RHP -- World
What do you say when people compare you to Dwight Gooden, and how soon do you think you can make it to the big leagues? -- Ben, Portland, Ore.
What can I say about that? It feels great. He was a great pitcher. I still have a long way to go, but if I keep working hard I will keep advancing and stay in the Major Leagues.

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