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All-Star celebrity Q & A
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07/12/2004 12:34 AM ET
All-Star celebrity Q & A
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Nick Lachey prepares for a pitch during the Major League Baseball Legends and Celebrity Softball Game. (Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
What's an All-Star Game without a Legends/Celebrity softball game? The stars were out last night, and here's what some of them had to say.

Nick Lachey -- Singer/Actor (Newlyweds)

Michael McHugh: How does it feel to be at the game tonight?

Nick Lachey: It's a lot of fun to be here. I see a lot of people here, and it's a very exciting thing to be a part of it. There are a lot of very legendary players that I grew up watching, so it's a lot of fun.

MM: Do you actually live with Jessica Simpson like you do on your TV show?

McHugh's Musings

NL: Well, yeah, it's reality TV, so it's pretty close to being the same.

MM: How special is this event to you?

NL: I think it's great. It's special for people like me to come out and play a little softball, feel athletic, and hang out with some cool guys.

MM: Do you ever get annoyed when fans ask to get autographs all the time?

NL: No, it's a part of what we do, and if they're asking for your autograph, then that means they like you. It's a good thing.

MM: How do you think you'll play tonight?

2004 All-Star FanFest

NL: (laughs) That's the million dollar question. I hope I play well. I ate my Wheaties this morning so I'm off to a good start.

Miss USA 2004, Shandi Finnessey

MM: What's it like to be here for you?

Shandi Fennessey: Fun, but a little scary. I know nothing about sports, and everyone else I am playing with knows about sports or plays a sport. I'm a little worried that I'm going to look a little funny, but I'm going to have a good time.

MM: Are you excited?

SF: Yes! I have met so many people here.

MM: How do you think you'll do in the game tonight?

SF: (laughs) Bad! I think I'm going to do bad, but I'm going to have fun.

MM: Are you ever bothered by your admirers?

SF: Not at all. I've only had the title one year, and so I think that every autograph people ask me for I'm going to sign it.

Jimmy Kimmel -- Comedian/Talk Show Host (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

MM: Are you excited to be here?

Jimmy Kimmel: It feels great. Just great! Look around!

MM: Do you think you are going to win tonight?

JK: Yes, and I'm certain to win the MVP.

MM: Have you ever played baseball before?

JK: Yes, I played last year. I had a great time, but I embarrassed myself. How old are you? Seriously!

Bill Rancic -- "The Apprentice" winner

MM: What do you think about being here?

Bill Rancic: It's a great day, a good crowd and I'm having fun.

MM: Was Donald Trump really that tough, like on the TV show?

BR: He's a tough guy, but he's a fun guy and he's fair.

MM: What about The Donald's hair?

BR: (laughs) It is what it is. What you see is what you get.

MM: How do you feel when people recognize you. Is it weird?

BR: No. It comes with the territory. When you put yourself in the public eye in whatever you chose to do, that's part of the job description. Enjoy it and appreciate it.

MM: Do you have any advice for kids?

BR: Work hard and be true to yourself, and I think good things will happen. You've just got to be dedicated and work hard.

MM: Were you excited to know you were coming to this event?

BR: Oh yeah, this is great. It's one of the highlights. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, so I'm cherishing it.

MM: How do you think you will play?

BR: I think I'll do OK, but we'll see what happens. Once I get the first at-bat under my belt, I'll feel a little bit better.

Ozzie Smith -- Hall of Fame shortstop

MM: What is it like for you to be here tonight playing as a legend?

Ozzie Smith: It's always great to have the chance to come out here and play in the celebrity softball games and have a chance to see all the great fans. The All-Star Game is always special to me because it gives us a chance as players to intermingle with the fans, much like Spring Training.

MM: How do you feel about the fans? (They were chanting Ozzie! Ozzie! from the stands)

OS: I think that the fans sometimes need to understand that sometimes we don't have enough time. It's important for us to come out here and stretch a little bit. Sometimes when I come out here to play these games and not stretch before hand, I pay for it the next day.

MM: What about those back flips -- how do you do that?

OS: (laughs) It's fun when you can do them, but I don't do them any more.

MM: Do you think you'll win tonight?

OS: It's always a goal to try and win, but you never know. They've got some pretty big hitters on the other side!

Tomorrow is another exciting day! See you then!

Michael McHugh is a student at Friendswood (Texas) Junior High and is a special contributor to He will provide special coverage of the 2004 All-Star Game in Houston. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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