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10/07/2004 12:50 AM ET
Facts machine
Clemens breaks Game 1 jinx with big win over Atlanta
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Roger Clemens had started the first game of a postseason series six previous times entering Wednesday's Game 1 start against the Braves, and he held an 0-6 mark. He ended that winless streak with a gutsy seven-inning outing en route to a 9-3 Astros victory.

Facts machine: Rocket takes off
Year Team Round Opponent Decision Score
1986 Boston ALCS California Loss 8-1
1990 Boston ALCS Oakland No-decision L, 9-1
1995 Boston ALDS at Cleveland No-decision L, 5-4
2000 N.Y. Yankees ALDS at Oakland Loss 5-3
2001 N.Y. Yankees ALDS Oakland Loss 5-3
2002 N.Y. Yankees ALDS Anaheim No-decision W, 8-5
2004 Houston NLDS at Atlanta Win 9-3

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